The Label Partners with Sirvo Studios, Acclaimed Developer of Guildlings

Mobile game publisher, The Label, announced a partnership with independent game developer, Sirvo Studios, the team behind the 2019 JRPG-inspired fantasy iOS game, Guildlings. As part of the deal, The Label has agreed to publish the studio’s next game which will be set in the Guildlings universe, but it will be a departure from what players may expect. Sirvo Studios joins a list of award-winning indie game developers to partner with The Label including Triband, Untame, Flightless, and Ed McMillen.

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“We have a long history of work with The Label on Guildlings, and we’re excited to extend our partnership on this next adventure”

“We’re excited about this partnership not just as publishers, but as fans. Guildlings introduced us to a spectacular world and we’re ready to work with Sirvo on exploring the franchise further,” said Joshua Babich, Director of Product at The Label.

“We have a long history of work with The Label on Guildlings, and we’re excited to extend our partnership on this next adventure,” said Jamie Antonisse, CEO and co-founder of Sirvo Studios.

Sirvo Studios found success with Guildlings, released exclusively on Apple Arcade. Destructoid’s Kevin Mersereau had this to say about Guildlings: “The artwork, music, story, and dialogue all had me positively brimming with joy.” The Verge called it “…incredibly charming.”

Since the release of Guildlings, Sirvo Studios has been working on new ways to play within the “Wizards and Wifi” setting. The next game in the Guildlings universe set for release in 2023 will tell a new story, with brand new mechanics and characters. It will tie into the main Guildlings story in a surprising way.

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