2021 Benchmark Report of B2B Content Engagement and Lead Conversions

Hushly, the leading content engagement and conversion optimization platform for lead generation and ABM has released a Comprehensive Data Analysis: 2021 Benchmark Report of B2B Content Engagement & Lead Conversions.

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This report is the first of its kind that analyzes 10’s of millions of traffic sessions across a variety of companies. The data set is from Hushly’s B2B customers base and looks at the performance of website and landing page traffic throughout all of 2020. The information compiled includes content engagement performance, lead conversion performance, visitor behaviors, and lead quality metrics by traffic sources (search companies, retargeting companies, social media companies), traffic medium (search, direct, internal, referral, etc.), and device type (mobile or desktop).

The report also provides insights into post conversion data which looks at where validated and opt-in leads came from and what behaviors they displayed prior to asset download.

Key findings show that overall traffic was up over 60% from 2019 and that mobile traffic represented over 40% of total traffic.

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It’s clear that visitors are spending more time on B2B websites and engaging with content. The report goes on to state that the right type of content matters, with content engagement and conversion rates varying quite a bit by asset type. According to the report, written articles and video content have been the top-performing assets for Hushly’s customers, with articles and video demos receiving conversion rates of 10.8 and 5.8%, respectively.

The report also looked at how effective AI recommended content can be when implemented correctly, and the numbers were overwhelmingly clear that AI not only increases the engagement but also increases the conversions for Hushly’s customers. The study showed that AI increased conversions 31% over rule-based content recommendations. There was a 59.2% increase in conversions on recommended assets when AI was used.

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