3D Issue announces the launch of its accessibility feature in its Experios Platform that allows full compliance of publications with the WCAG specification.

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The WCAG is a specification to provide a single shared standard for web content accessibility thus ensuring that people with disabilities can access and engage with all content. All US government institutions and contractors’ websites and publications must adhere to the WCAG specification. For other organizations, although not required directly by US law to meet the WCAG specification, all websites must be accessible to all and in line with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) guidelines.

The accessibility feature in Experios aims to help the designer meet the WCAG standard. Experios is better than a PDF for accessibility because it is a single design and a single output. PDFs are not automatically accessible whereas Experios publications output content into a natural HTML format that is compliant with WCAG standard making them accessible for people with disabilities. It allows media such as audio to be embedded directly on the page. Experios loads very fast and considerably faster than a pdf.

Using the Experios Platform and creating WCAG compliant publications improves your SEO ranking as Google considers important the layout and design. Ensuring that your content is accessible to all is key to good design. As Experios creates all its templates responsively, the reader or user does not need to pan or zoom the page to easily read the contents.

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