52% of Companies in Latin America Believe That SEO is Not Fundamental for Organizations.

WeAreContent, presented last month with partners of the IAB in the region, the results of the SEO Latin America 2021 digital study.

WeAreContent, a leading company in multimedia content creation and effective content strategies with SEO techniques, presented last month through the virtual event with partners of the IAB Colombia, the results of the SEO Latin America 2021 digital study.

Nowadays, most people who find themselves with a need, challenge, or doubt, consult Google. That’s why search engines have become a vital part of human life, and that’s why companies should consider organic positioning as one of the essential tools of any digital strategy.

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But how can we improve the positioning of our website in search engines?
There are two ways to get it:
a. Through organic positioning
b. Paid positioning.

The latter are the texts that appear with the word “Ad” on the left side. On the other hand, the former is defined by search engines. This system assigns them according to the quality of the content produced. In addition, other variables analyzed in this study are taken into account.
According to the MOZ platform (www.moz.com), organic results represent 62% of the clicks achieved on the first page, while paid results only represent 2.8%.

With the above as a premise, it cannot be ignored that a digital strategy should consider SEO as a fundamental technique. Organic results generate trust over paid results. However, 90% of the investment by advertisers moves to paid results, while only 10% goes to the content needed to appear in organic results.

But what are the reasons why SEO is not considered a fundamental part of a digital strategy?
As marketing specialists, knowing the ranking factors to appear in natural searches represents a great opportunity. For all of the above, WeAreContent conducted the SEO study in the region, to help the digital industry understand its importance and highlight the lack of knowledge that still exists of this digital marketing technique, which should be fundamental for all organizations in today’s world.

Among the relevant data, it was found that only 48% of organizations consider SEO as something important within digital strategies. This point reveals that there is a significant lack of knowledge on the part of marketing areas when the reality is that 100% of organizations should have a clear organic positioning strategy. To achieve this, valuable content is the fundamental premise.

The study reached different conclusions. For example, it was found that there is a clear lack of knowledge in the marketing areas of organizations. However, that’s not all: there is also a lack of knowledge of their digital areas. The reason for this lack of information lies in the fact that there is no clear perception of the technical complexity of this essential digital marketing tool.

It is even more surprising that only 57% of the digital areas of organizations consider SEO to be fundamental. To think that 43% of digital areas do not see it as an essential tool surprise the community.

In support of the above, 17% of digital directors say they have a clear lack of knowledge of SEO. If one of the metrics of digital areas is part of the premise that should derive traffic to the websites of the brands, to think that 17% of digital directors do not know that you can achieve savings of up to 99% in the value of organic traffic vs paid traffic is something that surprises greatly.

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In the same vein, 51% of respondents said that SEO is difficult because they do not know, while 13% indicated that they do not have tools, followed by 12% who ratified a lack of support in the organization for this type of methodologies.

If we add to this the fact that 33% consider that they have budgetary limitations, that there are no specialized personnel and that the digital directors do not know the subject, it is something that generates concern and a great opportunity for improvement.

On the other hand, there is a dilemma about whether it is better to hire an agency or have an internal team in charge of SEO. 72% of respondents say it is better to work with an internal team. However, a good percentage do not know that, when working with an outsourcing service, companies have expert teams. That is to say, they can scale projects of greater complexity and have the tools and technologies for the correct management of clients.
This study delves into various aspects related to technical SEO, content SEO, measurement tools, variables for mobile optimization, backlinks, the type of content that is most produced, among others.

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