Argo Translation’s CMS Connect Plugin Makes Content Management Translation, Updates Easy

Argo Translation Provides Specialized and Professional Language Translation Services for All Industries

Argo Translation is offering the CMS Connect plugin, cutting the steps in a typical content management translation by two-thirds and allowing transparency on all services, from the first uploaded document to the project’s completion.

Peter Argondizzo

This automation feature ensures flow from Argo’s translation team to a company’s content management system, saving time and money while reducing friction in the translation process,  says Argo founder Peter Argondizzo.

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The process eliminates the need for a file extraction, manages updates and additions more quickly, and requires no manual file transfer. After simply selecting and uploading the pages to be translated, a cost estimate is generated within minutes. As soon as approval is received, Argo’s translation team goes into action on its human translation workflow, and clients can log on to see progress every step of the way. When the project is edited and complete, the files are automatically sent back to the CMS.

Argo supports multiple content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, Kentico, Drupal, and many others. Custom development of new systems is also available.

Current Argo clients using CMS Connect include a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential water heaters and a 125-year-old global manufacturer of process and motion control systems. “But smaller businesses and organizations can benefit, too. It’s easy to use, offers faster turnaround time, and is billed monthly in a system tailored to their needs,” said Argondizzo.

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Argo Translation provides specialized and professional language translation services for all industries. With teams of linguists around the world, Argo is able to capture not only the technical meaning but also the appropriate and necessary cultural understanding for all translations. Dedicated project management teams, updated technology, and professional translators help businesses connect across language barriers in all domains, including legal, technical, marketing, financial, and more. Argo Translation is a complete translation department for businesses around the world.

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