Closing the Content Gap — Acrolinx Launches New Capability to Improve Digital Content Performance

Enterprise content impact innovator revolutionizes how to track and improve content to deliver better results.

Acrolinx, a global leader in helping the world’s largest enterprises increase the impact of their content, is excited to announce the launch of its newest product capability, which uncovers a major gap between content creation and performance — to improve conversion.

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There’s no doubt that great digital content creates strong engagement that leads to qualified conversions. But after working closely with marketing customers, Acrolinx uncovered a largely overlooked connection between the fitness of content and its performance. Marketers have long gauged the success of their digital content through metrics like page views, time on page, and conversions. But until now, they’ve lacked the ability to correlate how improved content can positively impact those engagement metrics, and ultimately lead to higher conversions.

Acrolinx’s newest capability, called the Content Cube, recognizes the need for enterprises to measure the impact of their digital content strategies. It gives marketers clear insight into how their content is performing by aligning performance metrics with content fitness data and providing actionable insights. Enterprise marketers can then use the Acrolinx Platform to improve the original content and track results.

“We’re giving our customers the “why” behind content performance,” said Paul Bongers, Vice President of Strategy at Acrolinx. “As innovators, we wanted to meet the challenges our customers face to understand why content performs the way it does. Through a unique combination of content fitness and performance metrics, we’ve identified a gap that no one is measuring that can greatly impact conversion. Now, marketers can easily identify, track, and improve all of their digital content, so it delivers the impact they need.”

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