Gladson Launches Product Data Transparency Solution

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Gladson’s SmartLabel Solution Helps Brands and Retailers Address Consumer Demand for Product Transparency

Gladson, the leading creator and syndicator of product content, digital assets, and rich content for brands, retailers, and distributors, today announced the launch of their enterprise-class SmartLabel solution, allowing brands and retailers to easily provide consumers with rich product transparency.

Led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), SmartLabel is a transparency initiative focused on providing consumers with digital access to deeper product information—beyond what is available on the package today, in an easy and standardized format.

“Today’s shoppers not only expect but need transparency about the products they use and consume for dietary restrictions, health situations, and lifestyle choices,” explained Chris Barnes, Gladson’s SVP of Product Strategy & Solutions. “The demand for product transparency, and regulatory mandates, are fueling industry initiatives like SmartLabel, and it’s a big reason why brands and retailers that have implemented SmartLabel have seen growth and increased consumer loyalty during the past year. As a thought leader in the product information space, it is Gladson’s obligation to empower our clients with solutions that address these challenges.”

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Gladson’s SmartLabel solution allows brands to easily deliver on the SmartLabel promise by streamlining the process of providing more information to consumers beyond the label. Gladson already has the existing rich product and nutritional information that is required in order to publish to SmartLabel landing pages.  Gladson clients can simply access this rich content library and distribute the same content to new places, like SmartLabel, to answer the product transparency challenge.

As part of the comprehensive approach, Gladson has partnered with Scanbuy, the leading provider of SmartLabel QR codes to the industry. Scanbuy QR codes, found on thousands of food, beverage and healthy and beauty products, enable consumers to engage with brands right from the product packaging—delivering more information than can fit on a label. This strategic partnership gives Gladson clients access to a complete end-to-end SmartLabel solution. Gladson provides detailed product landing pages with images, nutritional data, ingredients, and allergen information, while Scanbuy delivers patent-protected, print-ready QR codes that activate a direct connection to the product’s SmartLabel information via any mobile device or the SmartLabel app.

“We’re proud to partner with Gladson to deliver on the SmartLabel promise,” said Maryann Moschides, Chief Marketing Officer of Scanbuy. “By working together, we can combine their product content platforms with our package activation services to seamlessly help brands and retailers that want to share the benefits of SmartLabel.”

Using Scanbuy’s QR code technology, brands can instantly expand on product information sharing, control variants, and address regulatory mandates as they arise, all without changing the product packaging. Together, Gladson’s new SmartLabel solution with the Scanbuy capabilities, allows both companies to play a greater role in the movement to expand consumer product transparency.

“This partnership with Scanbuy means we get to work with a pioneer that is driving positive change in the industry,” said Barnes. “Through the use of SmartLabel, we are now able to educate our clients even more on how they should be communicating product information to their consumers.”

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