Paltalk Rolls Out New Content Moderation Software for Increased User Experience

PaltalkPaltalk, Inc. (NASDAQ: PALT) (“Paltalk,” the “Company,” “we,” “our” or “us”), a leading communications software innovator that powers multimedia social applications, is pleased to announce the integration of Hive Automated Content Moderation Solutions (“Hive”) into its Paltalk and Camfrog platforms.

Paltalk is taking the next step to ensure a safe experience for its users by cracking down on spam and objectionable content. Hive uses powerful AI to detect offensive video, audio, and text through online content moderation. Through the Hive software, Paltalk will screen user-generated content in its video chat rooms. Paltalk will also leverage the text moderation feature of the Hive software platform to moderate its new “Paltalk Feed” feature to ensure it is being utilized safely.


Paltalk expects to detect content across multiple model classes in 16 languages, including profanity, NSFW, personal data, drugs, sexual, violence, cyberbullying, hate, and spam. From the Hive dashboard, Paltalk administrators will be able to adjust the parameters of the AI to detect objectionable content of images, gifs, memes, videos, WEBP, speech-to-text audio, text strings, and text in images. The Company hopes that the powerful new tool will help curate a clean and positive user experience and ensure the Paltalk community is contributing content safe for everyone.

Hive offers cloud-based APIs providing best-in-class interpretation of multimedia content, enabling real-time identification of various types and degrees of inappropriate content. Recognized by ForbesFast CompanyWIRED, and many others as a leading innovator in the AI space, Hive has received many accolades and awards for its success in the content moderation space. Paltalk is excited to join the likes of Reddit, Giphy, and many others implementing Hive’s content moderation solutions to attract more users and guarantee an experience fit for all.

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