“TrueFanz” The Best Fan Site Alternative?

As both content creator and technology pioneers Tim Branyan, Logan Shippy, and Vineet Harbajanka the makers of TrueFanz, have a deep understanding of what the traditional content platforms are lacking. However, by engaging with the creators on their platform, they’ve gone beyond their own perspective to find out what the real pain points are.

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“First off, we have massive respect for other platforms out there. But we talked to top creators on other platforms before building TrueFanz. We wanted to hear what they loved and hated about our ‘competitors.’ Their insights were extremely valuable.” -Logan Shippy

It started by creating an invite-only platform that leveled the playing field by not allowing porn. Then they took charge and addressed those additional pain points by launching a 2.0 version of the platform to roll out some seriously revolutionary features—starting with the most important feature: Financial transparency.

“Over the years we have built relationships with influencers around the world. We saw that one of the biggest problems for these influencers was making consistent and predictable income.” -Tim Branyan

The Earnings Dashboard on the platform is clear-cut and simple. This feature allows creators to track their earnings in real-time while also offering further analysis of which type of content is generating the most income. Not only will creators be able to track their earnings, but now they’ll be able to track their growth metrics simultaneously with the platform’s analytics.

But that’s not all. Tim, Vineet, and Logan took things a step further by adding superior features including message filtering, The Vault, content previewing, and top-tier screenshot detection and security.

With the platform’s message filtering feature, creators can now sift through their followers, and with the press of a button, pinpoint fans that have become inactive so that they can easily re-engage with them whether it be through audio, a text, photos, email, or a video message. This gives creators a powerful and easy way to “win-back” subscribers.

The Vault is another incredible feature unique to TrueFanz. It serves as a one-time un-lockable folder for creator’s fans to get a glimpse into their exclusive world. It also serves as an entire infrastructure for the creators so they can save countless hours of manually curating individual messages to each individual follower.

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Next up creators can look forward to promoting their content with previews. This feature will allow creators to upload approximately 30 seconds of promotional videos for their Vaults, giving their followers a sneak peek with an enticing incentive to purchase their Vaulted content—which will result in creators attaining higher sales conversions.

Lastly, with the Tier 1 Security feature, content creators can rest assured knowing that their valuable content and hard work are safe and sound behind an alerting screenshot detection system built into the platform. Security is at the core of the TrueFanz values, which is why they’ve opted for the highest form of security you can find on the internet today. The TrueFanz team takes DMCA very seriously. They advocate and support their creators in detecting, deterring, and preventing fraud.

“We believe that the biggest room is the room for improvement. The way that we win is by listening. We ask our creators for feedback and for their opinions on how we can be better. We know that if we build a platform that influencers love to use, they will be excited to promote their channels and convert more of their followers into paying fans.” – Vineet H.

The goal of TrueFanz is to create an environment where true artists thrive in their content creation as their home business. These new and innovative features are nothing that any content creator has worked with before on the other various platforms—and they’re sure to pave the way for more success within the content creation industry.

TrueFanz is a community management platform that makes it easy for artists and content creators to get paid to post. Designed by creators for creators, TrueFanz is the platform where creators can monetize their following, build an exclusive relationship with their biggest fans, and generate a predictable and recurring revenue stream for their hard work online.

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