fishbat Shares Four Strategies to Boost CRO

fishbat Shares Four Psychological CRO Tactics to Help Build a Stronger Brand Appeal Towards Customers

CRO or conversion rate optimization is an important element for consumers to take some sort of action when they visit a website. CRO serves as the ultimate sign-off when customers are exposed to website content. Brands need to understand user psychology behind how users interact with a website. fishbat ensures that their CRO strategy will allow every web page to harness greater value.

fishbat talks about the following four strategies—

1.     Consumer Demographics

As basic as it is, having information about consumer demography facilitates a better understanding of how consumers interact with a website. Hence, designing a website cannot ever be a generic process. Website design should revolve around products or services offered by a brand coupled with an understanding of consumer demography.

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Businesses should take a stock of-

  • Its target audience
  • Its audience’s psyche
  • The kind of content that its audience loves

2.     Interviewing Customers

Brands undermine the value of hearing from their customers either directly or via surveys. Understanding why a consumer bought or let go of a product or a service is something that only the customer can tell. Agreeably, there are many CRO strategies for brands to excel in website content. However, getting direct feedback from customers is a key factor for brands.

3.     Brands Need to Dynamically Ask Why?

Businesses need to continuously ask ‘why’ would its target audience interact with its website content. Sometimes, brands need to put themselves in their customer’s shoes.

Hence brands need to ask—

  • How do they drive a customer to a website?
  • How can they incentivize consumers to fill up surveys or sign up for newsletters?

Brands need to deeply understand consumer reasons for every website action. If they don’t find a reason, they need to take steps to ensure maximum conversion rates.

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4.     Leveraging Split Testing

Marketing teams need to initiate a lot of trial and error methods in order to get CRO  right. Marketers can replace underperforming elements of a website and replace with website avenues that are doing well.

Applying strategies for a good CRO is subjective, however, enterprises can benefit from the aforementioned strategies, fishbat said.

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