Mobify and Sitecore Partner to Help Brands Win Customers Through Enhanced Mobile Web Experiences

Partnership Helps Companies Reach More Consumers and Maximize Revenue Opportunities with Faster, More Reliable, and More Engaging Shopping Experiences on Mobile Devices

Mobify, the world leader in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for e-commerce, and Sitecore, the global leader in digital experience management software, announced a partnership to enable brands to deliver more powerful shopping experiences across mobile devices. The partnership will connect the Mobify Platform with Sitecore Experience Commerce, enabling businesses to deliver personalized e-commerce sites that combine the look, feel, and performance of a native mobile app with the audience reach of the web. The result is a superior customer experience that offers consumers the convenience they expect in the fastest growing shopping channel around the world.

According to the Mobify 2018 Q2 Mobile Commerce Insights Report, shoppers are spending more time and money on mobile devices; however, even top e-commerce sites on the mobile web don’t measure up to customers’ expectations for a fast shopping experience. PWAs provide a solution to these poor user experiences, with the ability to develop a single asset that serves both the primary website and a mobile app-like experience across all devices and browsers. In turn, PWAs provide significant productivity and cost benefits by removing the need to develop and maintain separate web and native mobile app properties, while taking advantage of shopper traffic from mobile to drive engagement and revenue.

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Connecting the Mobify Platform with Sitecore makes it easier for brands and retailers to quickly get started with a PWA that increases traffic, conversions, and revenues. In addition, the Mobify Platform decouples front-end experiences from backend services—also known as “headless”—which allows enterprises to make rapid changes to mobile and desktop experiences without impacting critical systems of record such as payment processing or product databases. For instance, a brand could update templating, presentation, and interactive layers of the customer experience to support a new mobile device without having to redeploy their entire e-commerce platform.

Said Mobify CEO Igor Faleski, “Sitecore has been incredibly successful with a strategy that combines content, commerce, data, and delivery with an open presentation layer that is a natural fit for Progressive Web Apps. Increasingly, customers tell us decoupling front- and back-end services is strategic, especially considering the need to quickly implement new customer experiences that stay ahead of customer demands. We’re excited to be working with Sitecore to drive this common vision forward.”

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Ryan Donovan, chief technology officer for Sitecore, added, “As mobile becomes the dominant digital touchpoint, retailers and brands must elevate their mobile experiences to win over consumers and drive competitive advantage. The combination of Mobify and Sitecore offers our joint clients an additional option to quickly deploy personalized, high-performance shopping experiences that are optimized for mobile devices. Ensuring our clients can keep pace with new mobile innovations and deliver a seamless, connected experience across touchpoints means their customers are more likely to engage, convert, and return.”

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