Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses The 3 Ways Instagram Stories Help Build Your Brand

As part of their mission to provide businesses with a multitude of avenues for growth, online marketing agency, fishbat, discusses 3 ways Instagram Stories help build your brand.

The idea of using ephemeral content to grow a brand might seem counterintuitive at first, since the postings are only available for a limited amount of time. However, with their massive popularity comes massive potential for raising awareness of a company and what they have to offer. Marketers have started to realize the returns that effective use of Instagram Stories have to offer, and this type of content has a valued place in any comprehensive advertising plan.

Listed below are 3 ways that Instagram Stories can contribute to increasing sales and keeping a business moving forward.

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Maintaining Visibility. Instagram, along with its parent company Facebook, has changed its algorithm in an effort to show users content that they are more likely to engage with. This means that there’s a possibility that posted content to a company’s profile will be missed by a significant portion of their followers unless they specifically go searching for it. Instagram Stories, however, are pretty much exempt from this algorithm. At the top of the app window, there’s a line of profiles that followers can click on to get the latest updates from their followed pages. Businesses that take advantage of the Stories feature have a higher likelihood of getting their marketing materials in front of more eyes than they would if they just posted to the platform more traditionally.

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Minimal Investment Required. Unlike traditional posts to the company’s Instagram profile, Stories are only available for 24 hours. This means that there’s not as much of a necessity to create flawlessly designed content. The Stories feature is intended to be used as a quick update sent directly to followers, so a marketing team can throw a Story together in far less time than more traditional marketing materials. The low investment combined with the greater visibility discussed above means that it won’t take many resources to add Stories into an existing marketing plan and reap the rewards of a greater number of views.

Content Enhancement. With regular posts, there is a limited amount of editing that can be done in-app. It’s certainly possible to adjust the content to the needs of the company using outside software, but the emojis, stickers, and drawing tools that make Instagram so great won’t be readily available. Instagram stories allow for much greater creativity and give businesses an opportunity to connect with followers in a more fun and relatable manner.

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