Rock Content Raises $30M Series B Funding to Consolidate Content Marketing Leadership

Content marketing company plans to build a “category-defining” organization and enhance social impact initiatives

Rock Content, a global leader in content marketing solutions, today announced a $30 million Series B funding round. After two acquisitions in the past two years, the company aims to consolidate its position as a global leader in the content space.

The funding round was led by existing investors, Unbox Capital with the participation of Provence Capital, and joined by new players: BTG High Growth Opportunities Fund, and Crescera Capital.

“Rock Content has the ability to operate in a wide range of markets, and within different cultures. This ability, in combination with its unique product innovation capability, places them in a privileged position to lead content marketing strategies for brands around the world,” said Unbox Capital’s Founder Patricia Moraes.

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With the new investments, the company will continue investing in marketing, sales, and product innovation and evolving its content marketing solutions to empower brands to scale through content.

“We believe that content delivers superior results for brands and a better experience to consumers. Content is a more human-marketing channel impacting positively the experience of every individual with the brands,” said Rock Content’s CEO Diego Gomes.

Gomes said that the current content market is a fragmented space which is why the company aims to build a “category-defining” organization.

“This is why the Series B is an important milestone: we can achieve our goal to define the future of the content industry and become the best partner for marketers that are looking for ways to grow.”

As a pioneer in content marketing, the company determined that its initial challenge was to educate brands about the value of content. Now, as many brands have a diverse content strategy, the challenge is for customers to become content-centric enterprises.

“These brands are facing challenges integrating content at the core of their marketing strategies, an overload of vendors, and an ever-growing Martech stack. We make it easy on them. At Rock Content, we pride ourselves in offering a true solution approach to help navigate these challenges and become their best marketing channel,” explained Gomes.

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