Taboola Announces Global Self Service Business Has a Run Rate of Nearly $100 Million in Its First Year

Taboola’s Self Service Platform Enables Thousands of Businesses to Be Discovered by Millions of Consumers

Taboola, the leading discovery platform, announced that its self-service platform has now reached a run rate of nearly $100M just a year after it was released in Q4 of 2016. The new business unit empowers marketers all over the world with simple access to a billion consumers on thousands of Taboola’s publisher partners across the open web. The platform is leveraged by thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners to build awareness, drive engagement, and eventually create growth for their businesses.

Taboola attributes the quick success of its self-service business unit to the relevant offering and the performance it provides for marketers. Businesses need a cost-efficient and scalable solution to reach new audiences outside of search and social, which have become relatively crowded and competitive channels.

Taboola Announces Global Self Service Business Has Grown to Nearly $100M Run Rate in Its First Year
Francisco Gimenez

“When we first started eSalon, our aim was to disrupt the beauty salon industry by offering customized hair color at a fraction of the cost of in-salon treatments. For the last five years, Taboola has been an instrumental part of our growth, disrupting a $2 billion industry that had been monopolized by two giants,” said Francisco Gimenez, CEO and co-founder of eSalon.

By promoting relevant content through the Taboola Platform, small and medium business owners can leverage the reputable environment of premium publishers to introduce their business to users in an engaging, native ad unit.

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“Taboola is on so many of the world’s premium websites. We want people to see our content and think ‘that’s a solution that fits our needs,’ and Taboola is incredibly important to us as we go on to our next step,” says Davies Roberts, Founder of Flare Audio, a company that delivers sound without distortion through innovative headphone and speaker technology.

Taboola’s Self Service platform offers marketers and advertisers full control of campaigns; they can target multiple audiences that fit their products, manage budgets, A/B test creatives via an integration with Getty Images, and view real-time reports in order to optimize campaign performance as needed.

Taboola Announces Global Self Service Business Has Grown to Nearly $100M Run Rate in Its First Year
Mary J. Kim

“We are always looking for ways to find new, quality users, and Taboola has a really easy way of targeting the right users to bring them to your content. The native layout is important because people are getting bombarded with different ads. When you make it more relevant for them, the user experience is much more fluid,” explained Mary J. Kim, Senior Online Marketing Manager, Goodgame Studios, one of the fastest growing gaming companies in the world.

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Taboola is planning to continue to invest heavily in its self-service platform with new targeting and reporting capabilities. In 2018, one of the platform’s core goals is to create features that help automate the campaign management process.

Adam Singolda
Adam Singolda

Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola, added, “There is something magical about discovering something new. We want to make it more accessible for entrepreneurs and small businesses to capture those moments when users are open to discovering new products and services for the first time. Marketers deserve options outside of the familiar walled gardens. To hear Davies Roberts speak about his dream business being discovered in a world where big headphone brands already exist is music to my ears.”

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