Elementor Introduces Full Site Kits to Scale Up Website Building

The leading platform for creating professional WordPress sites, Elementor has announced the release of its core version 3.3. After redesigning its website a month ago, the company is presenting upgrades to its site-building system.

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Elementor 3.3 is set to provide new features and improvements that will benefit beginner and professional users alike. In particular, the upgrades are seen as highly advantageous for those who regularly produce new websites that tend to be similar to projects they have created before. Freelancers and studios benefit from the upgrades as they produce new websites quickly and hassle-free, allowing them to reduce costs and production time thereby maximizing profits.

Starting a website project is not as easy as it sounds, even if it is based on a previous project. There’s the need to install a theme as well as to configure colors, templates, and typography, among other tasks. With Elementor’s site-building platform upgrades, the process is noticeably improved.

Full website kits

The highlight of Elementor’s 3.3 core release is the full website kits feature, which enables the packaging of an entire website to be reused repeatedly in other projects. This means that the templates, content, site settings, header, footer, 404 error page, pop-ups, color scheme, fonts, theme style, landing pages, and other attributes of a site can be packed in a single full site kit for more convenient implementation in another website production work.

As the phrase suggests, a full website kit contains all of the essential as well as non-essential items necessary in creating full websites. This considerably cuts the time needed to complete a new project. “Elementor is providing a massive jumpstart to web creation,” as the company characterizes it.

Carrying over the different attributes of an old website project is not possible using existing technologies. If web developers want to use old site projects as the jumping point for another, they have to save each page individually as “flat” JSON files. These files bear the content of the previous project but not the site settings and functionalities. In other words, web developers would have to redefine site settings and functionalities each time they work on a new project.

Elementor’s Import/Export function prior to the release of version 3.3 makes it possible to carry over the feature of a website to a different site project using a multi-step process. Through the full site kit, the process is shortened and simplified by a great deal. Web developers can rapidly produce new websites, be it a professional-looking marketing site or something simple that adopts the look and feel of a previous project.

How the feature works 

The new Elementor Import/Export function makes it possible to export the entirety of a website, from its contents to the templates and site settings for each individual part, to a new project with just a few clicks. All it takes is to select the components that will be exported to generate a ZIP file that can then be imported into a new project.

During the process of exporting the ZIP file, the Elementor system will ask if the old design (the design of the new project) will be maintained or the one contained in the imported file will be adopted. If the new project is just a blank canvas, the new design is automatically implemented.

Users may not readily find the new Import/Export feature on Elementor. They have to make sure that it has been activated. They can contact Elementor’s support team if they are unable to access this new feature.

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Template library

The upgraded Import/Export feature also comes with a template library that includes over 87 full website kits that users can turn to if they want to quickly complete a project based on already existing templates. These templates are designed for different categories including e-commerce, portfolio, restaurant or hospitality, non-governmental organizations, and blogs.

Professionally designed and meticulously built, these templates allow users to quickly come up with projects that exude cohesiveness and professional appeal. Having these templates means that even those who did not create their websites using Elementor can still take advantage of the convenience of Elementor’s full website kits. 

“The new Template Kits Library can be used by new users who do not have a WordPress background or are beginning web creators and need to be guided through the process of creating a website and can also be of use to more experienced users to get inspired,” Elementor said in a statement.

Additional new features

Aside from the enhanced Import/Export function and the template library that comes with it, Elementor 3.3 also debuts new tools designed to aid users in streamlining their workflow. These include the Color Sampler feature, which is a handy solution for picking colors from any image to speed up color scheme configuration without having to employ third-party color pickers or add-ons.

Additionally, the Elementor upgrade incorporates optimizations to boost site performance. This allows users to create websites with faster page loading time through the creation of conditional and inline CSS Load. With this approach, Elementor splits up widgets in ways wherein only those that are needed get to load their dedicated CSS.

More convenient website building

Elementor has achieved significant milestones only five years after its launch. The company says that 5 percent of all websites have been created using Elementor while around 8 million are powered by Elementor. This site builder also ranks as the fourth most popular plugin on WordPress.

The full website kit, template library, color sampler, and site optimizations upgrades are set to make Elementor an even more appealing website builder for newbies and professionals. With a support department that has a record of 88 percent first contact resolutions, Elementor helps anyone to start building their websites easily but without compromising on quality.

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