Galvanized Media Breaks Traffic Records, Increasing Audience by 20 Percent in 2019

Healthy Living Brands Eat This Not That! and Best Life Attract 8.79 Million UMV’s

Galvanized Media, which owns and operates Eat This Not That!and Best Life, announced that it has hit record audience numbers across its network of healthy living brands, attracting 8.78 million unique visitors in the month of April. The performance represents a 20.44 percent growth in all traffic, year-over-year. Engagement for both brands is also at an all-time high. The average session per user is 3:32 minutes for Best Life, and it’s 2:57 minutes for Eat This Not That!

“We’re deeply committed to delivering the smartest, most in-depth, most deeply reported, and most actionable, life-changing reporting and advice for all of our users so that they can make the healthiest lifestyle decisions every day,” said Galvanized founder and CEO David Zinczenko. “These numbers merely reflect our dedicated and engaged our users are.”

Launched in 2013, Galvanized Media has emerged as one of the web’s most trusted voices in wellness and healthy eating. Flagship brand Eat This Not That!, based on the blockbuster book series (more than 8 million copies sold) conceived and authored by Zinczenko, is committed to helping its readers make informed decisions on food and health every day. Its April audience represents just the latest in the brand’s upward trajectory.

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Best Life, formerly an award-winning men’s lifestyle magazine, was re-launched by Galvanized in 2017 as a healthy lifestyle brand for both men and women. Since then it has experienced explosive traffic and revenue growth. Between April 2017 and April 2019, Best Life—which covers health, smarter living, travel, entertainment, home and garden, relationships, aging, and humor, among other topics—saw an 835 percent increase in unique monthly visitors.

“Everyone today wants to live his or her best life—whether that’s making the smartest health decisions, knowing the best travel destinations, having a strong relationship with a loved one, or simply laughing at a killer joke you can forward to your friends,” said Zinczenko.

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As of April 2019, Galvanized has 17 full-time employees, many of them veterans of Hearst, Rodale, Conde Nast, Meredith, and Bloomberg. In addition to its core digital business, Galvanized Media, in partnership with Meredith Corp., produces a number of consumer-facing newsstand products in the food and healthy lifestyle space, including the Eat This, Not That! magazine and books with Simon & Schuster. It has also fulfilled campaigns for partners that include Tiffany & Co., Brooks Brothers, Tissot, Mr. Burberry, Unilever, Atkins, and Ralph Lauren. (Note: All figures cited above are based on the latest reports from Google Analytics.)

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