Skyrocat Helps Brands Fulfill their Need for Speed with Website Speed Optimization Services

Skyrocat’s service packs give brands new capabilities to enhance their capabilities without paying exorbitant web developer fees.

Anyone who has browsed the web knows how frustrating it can be when a site loads slowly. In today’s fast-paced world, people expect information and services to be delivered quickly, and a slow website can be a turn-off, translating to revenue losses for brands. But an innovative new company based in Malaysia hopes to change that by speeding up brands’ websites, resulting in more money added to their bottom lines.

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Skyrocat is a team of tech innovators on a mission to help dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs skyrocket their projects. One of the ways Skyrocat is fulfilling this mission is by launching its Website Speed Optimization Services. With this service pack, businesses can more easily develop their brands and see revenue-boosting results by optimizing Core Web Vitals, which are critical to increasing website speeds and require intervention by web developers and not a simple software fix.

Installing caching plugins alone is not enough to fully optimize your website performance. Developers at Skyrocat know that every website is not the same. Manual speed optimization is the best way to go. Speedy web hosting helps too, but by optimizing your website correctly, brands can avoid overspending on web hosting resources.

With Skyrocat’s Website Speed Optimization Services, brands can see quick results in website speed and search engine rankings. With their websites loading and functioning faster, brands typically keep customers on their pages longer and are more likely to make sales, boosting their bottom lines.

“Skyrocat is one of the sexiest brands we have ever developed. There are many exciting things on Skyrocat’s horizon, and we can’t wait to announce them,” said Nadzrul Hanif, Skyrocat CEO.

Skyrocat’s Web Speed Optimization Service is a one-time package purchase and does not require monthly subscription fees. Two packages are available, the Pro and Regular, to help brands scale their businesses through increased website speed.

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