WriteroCMS, A Smart Blogging Platform For Bloggers And Content Writers

WriteroCMS, A Smart Blogging Platform For Bloggers And Content Writers

WriteroCMS, a smart cloud-based blogging platform for bloggers, vloggers and content writers, has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The first platform in the market with a complete focus on making the writing/publishing process easier and more fun while mitigating the technological burden of blog management. This way, writers can concentrate on providing high-quality content to web users. It is ideal for bloggers, vloggers, and content writers, as well as individuals, agencies, and businesses. WriteroCMS has all the features of a content management system, but it is specifically designed for content creation, promotion, monetization, and publishing in the form of blogs.

WriteroCMS development was started half a year ago with innovative thinking of transforming the web content writing and publishing process. All the technical difficulties that drift the writer from his main focus of writing have been addressed with this platform, including, the blog site’s setup, hardware scaling, blog’s growth management, security, complying with web standards to increase search engine awareness and ranking, and monetiziation. Every user can choose a name for his/her blog to be used as a subdomain (https://yourblog.writerocms.com). That avoids the extra costs of domain registration and hosting.

Writers can use their own domain with WriteroCMS and have full ownership of their data. No shady data storage policies, or fragmented pieces of data over multiple accounts and services. WriteroCMS provides a single dashboard where all professional writing, monitoring and advertising tools are combined. Even a company or a business that already have a website, can use WriteroCMS for their blog by using a subdomain like (https://blog.yourdomain.com). SSL certificate is always included with firewall protection for all customers’ domains.

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One of the core goals of WriteroCMS is to minimize the efforts of blog SEO optimization by automating and intelligently applying all the technical and tricky SEO requirements of a blog, like sitemap generation and submission, JSON-LD & semantic annotation, meta tags, image optimization/licensing/annotation, site verification and standardization.

Correctly implemented SEO requirements will boost any blog’s outreach, increase its awareness by search engines, drive quality traffic to it and help move ahead of the competition.

WriteroCMS has emerged with a set of core goals to fulfill:

– Overcome the challenges of combining different services into a single dashboard where users have full control and ownership of all their data. To put it another way, WriteroCMS includes four powerful integrated tools for monitoring and growing a blog: web analytics, newsletter management, keyword ranking, and URL shortener. All of these services are controlled from a single dashboard, and all of their data belongs to the user.

– By enhancing the writing experience with well-designed resources and widgets, it aims to keep bloggers/writers focused on delivering high-quality content that drives traffic from web users. Writing in the Markdown markup language, automatically optimizing/annotating images, providing a comment system, scheduled publishing, QR codes and vCards are just a few examples.

– At the same time, it aims to manage ever-increasing resource demands, cope with all the technological challenges of maintaining a growing blog, keep update with the rapidly changing web environment and standards.

– Minimize the efforts of blog SEO optimization by using intelligent algorithms, fully complying with standards and more.

– Provide competitive, affordable prices to all levels and types of content writers, as well as all of the technical and professional tools required to turn any blog into a successful website and profitable business.

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