Contify & Fletcher/CSI Release Recording Of Webinar “Building Competitive Tracking Systems Based On Scenario Planning”

Contify & Fletcher/CSI Release Recording of Webinar “Building Competitive Tracking Systems Based on Scenario Planning”

Contify, the AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence solution provider, announced the release of the recording of its recent webinar. The webinar was co-hosted with Fletcher/CSI, a leading market and competitive insights and strategy consulting firm, on the topic – “Building Competitive Tracking Systems Based on Scenario Planning”. It was meant for industry professionals who seek to use scenario planning coupled with market monitoring to predict future scenarios for better business decisions.

The webinar took place on 26th May 2021, where a panel of experts from the competitive strategy and intelligence space, including Mohit Bhakuni – CEO at Contify, Erik Glitman – CEO at Fletcher/CSI, and Meena Almaula – Consultant, TATA Business Excellence Group, discussed how scenario planning can be used to build market monitoring systems that identify early event indicators to predict future scenarios. The session was moderated by Cam Mackey – the Executive Director of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).

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The topics covered during the webinar include:

– Scenario Planning, Indicator Development, Market Monitoring Overview
– How to Set up Scenarios using STEEP and Trends
– Methods to Link Scenarios to Event Indicators
– How to Use Indicators to Build Monitoring Programs
– How to establish action plans using indicators?

“It’s tough to predict the future. Ironically, strategic business decisions are based on exactly this — predicting the future. Successful companies prepare for the future using the science of ‘Scenario Planning’. They lay out different scenarios and monitor the underlying forces to determine which scenario is unfolding. One needs to keep an eye out for movements in their market landscape and make course corrections. Continuous monitoring for trigger events is fundamental to keeping the scenario planning effort active, and therefore, effective. It was a pleasure to discuss this topic along with some of the most experienced industry practitioners.” said Mohit Bhakuni, Founder & CEO of Contify.

Erik Glitman, CEO – Fletcher/CSI, said – “Delighted by the webinar’s response and thankful to each person who attended this webinar. Foresight is crucial in today’s competitive market, and scenario planning is a powerful tool when used to identify future strategic options. Coupled with market monitoring, it can help make much better and informed decisions, providing a competitive advantage. It was a pleasure sharing the spotlight with Mohit and Meena, and I hope the attendees gained valuable insights from the discussion.”

Meena Almaula, Consultant – Tata Business Excellence Group, said – “I’m encouraged with the response the webinar got, and appreciate our audience for taking the time to attend. It was a delight to share the stage with Mohit and Erik. In the present market landscape, you need to be prepared and have a description of the different possible scenarios you may need to act on. Having a market monitoring program based on scenario planning allows you to take the right decision when a possible scenario is triggered. I hope the attendees are able to incorporate this key takeaway in their competitive intelligence programs.”

Cam Mackey, Executive Director – SCIP, says – “Overall, the webinar went exceedingly well. Scenario planning coupled with market monitoring is an ingenious way to ensure that you’re prepared for market changes in the future. I would like to congratulate Mohit, Erik and Meena for this informative session, and thank the audience for making this webinar a success. Hopefully, it will allow our viewers to leverage scenario planning to build strategies that deliver growth and strategic advantage.”

Contify caters to the unique market and competitive intelligence requirements of businesses across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, banks, insurance, consulting, market research firms, Saas-based companies, technology, and pharma companies.

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