Being a great writer, editor or designer may be the most common entry point for content marketing careers, but data analytics and content strategy skills are the tickets to earning bigger salaries, the Managing Editor Career Survey Report 2021 finds.

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“We want to empower content marketing professionals to shape their own careers — and their paychecks,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, publisher of Managing Editor. “Content marketing is evolving so fast, and as the economy turns around this year, we want content marketers to be ready to jump in and add value.”

Managing Editor’s survey asked content marketers questions about their role at work, their pay and bonuses, their career experiences and ambitions, and the tools they use to manage projects. In total, 387 content marketers participated in the survey, including people working in B2C, B2B, nonprofit and government roles. The vast majority of respondents live in the U.S.

Survey Highlights

*B2B marketers reported higher earnings on the whole than their B2C peers and were more likely to be eligible for a bonus.

*Data analytics was among the least favorite job responsibilities among respondents — but it’s also one of the skills most correlated with higher earnings.

*Managing bigger teams, 11 people or more, and bigger annual budgets, $100,000 or more, is also correlated with larger salaries.

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*Most content marketers are putting in long hours. In the U.S., the majority are working 41+ hours and many of those people are the top earners surveyed.

Not surprisingly, most content marketers reported working full-time from home now. This year, 77% work remotely full-time, compared to 26% last year, and nearly 95% of content marketers have been on a Zoom call in the past year.

The survey revealed that job titles and responsibilities are still highly variable, but noted that chief content officers, content directors and editorial directors are among the highest-paid roles, making $100,000+ per year.

“As an industry, content marketing is still maturing,” said Managing Editor Magazine’s managing editor, Tom Anderson. “We hope that our research will help set baseline job titles and responsibilities so that content marketers have benchmarks for negotiating their pay.”

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