National Luxury Home Retailer Realizes 88:1 Return on Ad Spend with Inuvo’s IntentKey

Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV), a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies, today announces how the IntentKey AI technology was used by a national luxury home retailer to generate an 88:1 return on its ad spend (ROAS).

Reports this week from the Conference Board revealed that consumer confidence is at the highest it has been since the pandemic began last March. While consumers are feeling positive about the vaccination rollout and the government stimulus programs, marketers are learning that consumers have yet to return, from a spending perspective, to their pre-pandemic shopping habits.

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Consequently, forward thinking marketers have used this pandemic environment to reconsider the limited insights and prescriptive nature of the information offered by conventional audience providers. These marketers have realized that it isn’t the demographic characteristics of individuals that predict their purchase likelihood; it is the ever-changing intent behind their reasoning for the purchase. The IntentKey has enabled a national luxury home retailer to find new audiences based on such intent signals, because it is one of the only technologies capable of adapting its audience selections based on the changing intents of consumers. This resulted in a return on investment well in excess of these other technology and information providers.

The typical luxury shoppers and spring DIYers were not the source of this year’s explosive campaign growth for this client. The IntentKey’s adaptive artificial intelligence allowed the client to capitalize on current trends, which included intentions related to wedding registries and gifts associated with delayed celebrations of marriages, baby furniture and nursery accessories, and home office furniture as many positions permanently went remote making it worth the investment in quality office furniture. Further, by working with the IntentKey, the client was able to learn that their audience was very interested in making their homes more livable through functional furniture, patios sets, and other indoor and outdoor accessories.

Of particular interest was the volume of comparative shopping being undertaken by consumers prior to making a purchase decision. This analysis by consumers included looking at big box discount retailers all the way through luxury brands, which was far broader than expected. It also revealed that their new luxury customers were taking into consideration sales discounts and coupons, which was not traditional pre-pandemic. This provided additional insight into tactics that could be used to incentivize repeat orders through loyalty programs and exclusive coupons.

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“By utilizing the IntentKey’s real-time audience modeling, our client was able to target the right consumers as they were showing signs of intent in their product offerings,” said Tristan Cameron, Vice President of Sales & Account Management. “While the interests that drove their intent were unexpected, being able to capitalize in real-time on these interests allowed Inuvo to outperform all other competing vendors on the plan.”

Adapting to consumer trends is imperative in the wake of the great reset. Americans were used to a face-paced, consumerism life and were forced to slow down and take stock of what really matters. They are now more critical and protective of where they now invest their time and resources. Marketers who are able to adapt to these changes will drive winning strategies.

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