CLOUDSTREET Announces Easy Products Integration App For WordPress Websites

Integrating Salesforce with WordPress websites just got a great deal easier with the latest WebQuip version from CLOUDSTREET. Focused on deep website development and Salesforce integration, CLOUDSTREET uses its expertise to help websites work as hard and efficiently as their owners.

Instantly Increases Sales Productivity

There are no additional system requirements, and with its plug-and-play capability, WebQuip is easy to install. Once WebQuip is integrated on a website, the administrator has a wealth of tools at their fingertips. From within Salesforce, there is the ability to add, update and edit products with the changes being automatically updated on the website at the same time. The same theme as the existing WordPress theme is used so the look of the new pages is consistent with the existing website design.

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“Integrating Salesforce products with our WordPress website immediately expands lead generation capacity.”

Using WebQuip enables Salesforce users to fully synchronize their products on the website — whether these are commercial trucks, diesel generators, forklifts or something else — so new internet sales leads can be supported right away. With mobile access to Salesforce via the Salesforce mobile app, taking pics of large items and editing their details is simple. Because of the integration with WebQuip, the items are then live online with all the necessary details and images.

Innovative and Intuitive Features

The integration of WebQuip and Salesforce means inventory changes are fast, requiring just a few clicks in Salesforce. It’s designed to boost productivity while driving sales in a responsive way. The products on the website are then instantly updated. This allows consumers to access up-to-the-minute information.

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Other features include: 

1. Custom display, sorting and filtering

Users are able to customize WebQuip so their customers can access those options that are appropriate for a particular product. A new section in the products area is created by WebQuip. This contains starter fields that are common for products of all different types. When specific additional product information is needed, CLOUDSTREET coordinates with WebQuip and the custom fields are then also created in Salesforce. This enables data such as horsepower, fuel type, kilowatts, condition and more to be displayed on the website.

2. Collaboration

Automation and workflow are easily implemented so collaborative website updates and equipment data entry is supported.

3. User-friendly dashboards

Every aspect of the sales inventory can be optimized by creating dynamic and intuitive visualizations.

4. Mobile access

Users can easily update their product inventory while they’re on the fly using the Salesforce mobile app — even when they’re out in the equipment yard.

5. Comprehensive reports

With just a few clicks, comprehensive reports that feature webpage analytics, equipment turnover, inventory aging and more can be easily generated.

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