ATP and Infosys Launch Revamped Stats Center to Bring Fans Closer to the Game Through Digital Innovation

Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, in partnership with the ATP Tour, have launched a suite of exciting match stats and analysis tools designed to bring fans, coaches and media closer to the action of men’s professional tennis.

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From today, fans will be able to level-up their experience of ATP Tour matches by layering on statistical insights from across more than 60 ATP Tour events each season. Delivered via an immersive and intuitive interface on, Infosys, the Digital Innovation partner of the ATP Tour, will allow viewers to tap into the pulse of the match through real-time data and insights – helping to tell a richer story of the action on court and reveal game-changing moments.

Over the last six years, Infosys has helped push the boundaries of the sport further through a suite of innovative solutions. These include popular data-led products such as the ATP Stats Leaderboards and ATP Second Screen for live insights, in addition to digitally driven solutions like the new ATP tour fan app and Player Zone.

The new features launched today have been enabled using the Infosys Tennis Platform which leverages tech such as big data analytics and natural language generation (NLG) to produce match insights in 3D. It is deployed as a serverless platform on public cloud and built focusing on the key architectural principles of micro-services, micro-frontends, automation, scalability, and observability. The new experiences launched today include:

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  • MatchBeats: Look deeper into highs and lows of the match with point-by-point analysis studying shot speeds, rally lengths and auto generated insights. Spot important trends using filters, from every winner to unforced errors.
  • Rally Analysis: Dissect how rallies happen and which ones create an impact. Identify the patterns of play that matter most and study performance on short, medium, and long rallies.
  • 3D CourtVision: Re-live every point via an immersive 3D court experience that gives fans the best seats in the house. Analyse ball trajectory and key statistics from multiple viewing angles.
  • Stroke Summary: Gain insight into player performance and success rates across different stroke types such as forehands, backhands, lobs and volleys.
  • Stats: Rank stats according to their influence on the outcome of a match. Understand if break points won mattered more than net points, or double faults turned the tide more than aces.

Daniele Sano, ATP Chief Business Officer, said: “As an organisation we are constantly looking for new ways to make the experience of our sport more compelling. Tennis is incredibly data-rich, and Infosys has both technological expertise and passion for tennis to bring it to life in an intuitive way. We are excited for fans to interact with these new features and look forward to future digital innovation together with Infosys.”

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