Digitalage On-Schedule to Launch a New Trillion-Dollar Media Economy

Hop-on, Inc. announced that their Digitalage decentralized social media, content protection, and digital rights management platform is emerging from stealth mode, soon entering public beta testing, and is on-schedule to a full launch in the Fall of 2021. The feature set road map has been locked-in for roll-out.

To facilitate more seamless migration and cross-pollination from other entrenched platforms, as well as sticking with the decentralized nature of Digitalage’s social media platform, much effort has been invested in the architecture, user experience, and feature-level parity to enable data portability with Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, Douyin, and Weibo. Social verification and data import are expected to be ready for all these platforms at time of launch.

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Ensuring a robust environment for creators has been paramount to Digitalage’s mobile app experience, including standard augmented reality (AR) filters, effects, titling, video and photo montage, audio effects, as well as integrating popular music from tens of millions of artists including today’s chart toppers. Having these features at launch will establish Digitalage as a premier solution for influencers to uniquely express their individual and artistic style with established fans and new followers alike.

Digitalage’s innovative content protection technologies for image and video content are well underway for launch. This, along with Digitalage’s extensive digital rights management platform including marketplace, revenue generation, escrow, and payments features, will provide a democratized framework enabling content creators, studios, publishers, and the general public to invisibly watermark their visual content for attribution, assign usage rights and restrictions, handle disputes, place offers, review bids, manage contracts, as well as receive and payout royalties. This suite of features is unique in the entertainment and media industry, not just equalizing the playing field but leveling-up the capabilities, automation, and process optimization to enable a new trillion-dollar media economy, including rapid monetization of back-catalog and archival content.

Founder and CEO Peter Michaels states, “At Digitalage, we are focusing on the entertainment and journalism categories, helping to fight piracy and creating new revenue streams. Our platform is empowering studios, networks, music labels, and influencers with bleeding edge DRM, content protection, and monetization technologies. Currently we have several license agreements with music repositories. We are currently negotiating up to $50,000,000 funding with a short-listed selection of investment groups. This will allow us to retain and attract world class skilled engineers and ensure we are able to stay on target in developing our IPFS and related decentralized technologies.”

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