Organizations are facing a growing dilemma: they have their photos, graphics, illustrations and videos in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, but they still cannot find the right object they need while on deadline for a campaign. The problem is the scarcity of useful textual metadata which, so far, has been the only way DAM users can search their collections.

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Until today. In a disruptive advance, MerlinOne has developed exclusive technology to search the visual content of objects, with no dependence on textual metadata. Need a photo of four people at a picnic? Just ask NOMAD™ to find it for you.

By applying a combination of Deep Learning AI technologies (all developed in-house by MerlinOne) to your search query, NOMAD™ understands the concept you are looking for and delivers precise results based solely on the visual content of an image, completely independent of the existence or accuracy of its metadata, or whether your search terms happen to be the exact ones your old-school DAM is looking for.

“The biggest problem DAM users face today is the lack of quality metadata, and with text-based searching that can mean that an organization’s best content is undiscoverable,” said David Tenenbaum, CEO of MerlinOne. “NOMAD™ uses a purely visual approach and gives all that content back to you.”

“NOMAD understands language patterns as well as visual content,” Tenenbaum said. “Just like it knows to group visually similar images, it also clusters phrases of similar meaning, reducing the dependency on a specific, controlled vocabulary to find what you’re looking for.”

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For example, even with zero metadata on any record, a search for “sailboat” in NOMAD™ returns all types of sailing vessels, including schooners, ketches, and yawls. Since NOMAD™ also understands concepts, a search for “alternative energy” finds wind turbines and solar panel arrays, while a search for “sunny day” returns an array of images including sunny skies, sunflowers, sunbathers and even a brightly colored fall day.

NOMAD’s exclusive AI-powered search is the result of three years of MerlinOne’s research into developing beneficial applications of AI to images. If desired, it can even be combined with other MerlinAI tools such as IMPACT and Visual Similarity to provide even more powerful search capabilities.

“This is an entirely new and unique approach to image search. Our early reviewers are absolutely blown away by its capabilities. To call this a game-changer doesn’t begin to do it justice,” Tenenbaum said.

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