MarTech Interview with Tom Cheli, CEO at Frequence

Tom Cheli, CEO at Frequence discusses changing trends in the media seller and typical B2B relationship in this chat with MarTech Series:


Welcome to this martech chat Tom, tell us more about Frequence? How has the platform evolved over the years?  

Thanks for having me!  Frequence, the first end-to-end solution for media companies to automate and grow their local advertising sales; we do it by helping them sell more with great proposals, along with campaign execution and reporting.

We have evolved by enabling our customers to move away from a list of point solutions to provide truly integrated marketing for their local advertisers. This has increased performance and transparency for their advertisers and allowed the media companies to scale and differentiate themselves.

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What are some top (global) trends you are seeing in advertising sales as well as tools from around the world that are changing the game for this space?  

Technology has enabled massive amounts of new media creation. This has made it more complex for local advertisers to reach their target audience across channels like search, social, programmatic, linear and addressable video. Technology can help support the relationship between media sellers and local businesses, allowing media companies to profit by selling more and better advertising.

What are a few of the biggest challenges you still see leaders in marketing and advertising make when it comes to planning and executing omnichannel media strategies? 

A lot of people would say attribution is a growing challenge. Two others are Forecasting and Automation: How do I get the very best of each tactic at the local level with a consistent message reaching my target audience? You need technology that allows you to forecast, deliver, optimize and measure across each channel.

How can marketers and advertisers today focus on creating a seamless ad journey for their audience? Some best practices to share?

The first step is to provide transparency – the ability to observe and test performance and messaging across various channels. With that, marketers can understand what’s resonating and where their ads are being shown. This is especially important for local advertisers to optimize their limited resources. Transparency, measurement and testing ensure an optimized experience. Tech that helps with all three of those things is essential.

There’s a lot of local advertisers that don’t have easy access and can’t see where their ads are being run, how they’re performing, etc. – that’s why transparency is king. 

A few takeaways for marketing leaders and CMOs/CEOs in 2021!

We are in a landscape that is ever-evolving. CMOs in 2021 need to build or buy a martech stack that is agile and adaptable.

With the demise of cookies, new privacy regulations, and the creation of new media, the ability to think outside the box and adjust on the fly will be more important than ever. So the reality is you need to make sure your technology is able to change and evolve with it.  I think it is only going to be more complex.

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Frequence is a leader in local advertising sales automation and workflow software. The software increases sales velocity by removing routine tasks and creates personalized, multi-channel proposals and advertising insights.

Tom Cheli is the CEO at Frequence

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