SRAX Acquires OpenDSP’s Demand-Side Platform

Technology Acquisition Complements And Strengthens SRAX Platform’s Capabilities For Digital Marketers And Content Owners To Reach Valuable Audiences

SRAX announced the acquisition of Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology from OpenDSP, a privately-held company. The technology focuses on marketing experimentation, intelligence and optimization for brands and agencies.

Christopher Miglino“OpenDSP has developed a unique DSP with exciting Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and targeting capabilities that will fit perfectly into the SRAX Platform,” said Christopher Miglino, CEO and Chairman of SRAX. “Not only does the technology acquired complement our DSP, but it will also be powerful and valuable to the buy-side of our business serving brands and agencies.”

The OpenDSP technology delivers an open DSP for Real-Time Bidding (RTB), including comprehensive tools for media buying, data collection, management, analytics and optimization. Built on the cloud, OpenDSP was developed as an in-house advertising technology.

In September, SRAX had named Colleen DiClaudio, 39, president of 340B Technologies, to its board of directors. With DiClaudio’s appointment, SRAX has nine board members.

Speaking to Martechseries, Miglino had said, “In the future, every brand marketer will be focused on one-to-one engagement. It may not be the focus of their entire marketing effort, but it will be a massive part of the overall strategy. Two developments will determine this trend. First, with the increasing availability of 3rd party data, marketers will need to develop, grow and segment their 1st party data in order to maintain a competitive edge in their digital ad campaigns. At the same time, greater sophistication in attribution methods means they’ll be able to target customers at specific points of the customer journey, rather than at broad stages.”

“With people-based advertising, you’ll reach real individuals across devices, platforms, and publishers. That’s pretty powerful and is easing the problems of a multi-device world. Every customer we talk to has some form of unique 1st party data. and often they’re not even aware of it or don’t know how to access it. Our strength is working with businesses to assess what set of technologies and data will help them engage the audience that meets their marketing goals. By identifying and diving deep into the information businesses have before starting a campaign, we can identify new opportunities to reach specific people based on social intent, past campaign responsiveness and more,” Miglino added.

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