Braze Announces Next-Generation Email

A Superior Approach to Maintaining Relevance and Building ROI in an Era of Mobility and AI

Braze, the leading global customer engagement platform that delivers personalized messaging experiences across push, email, apps, and more, revealed the next generation of email, identifying personal, responsive, and relevant messaging value across the entire customer lifecycle. More human email communication leads to deeper impact and ROI for brands.

Braze found that users who receive email alone see 45% higher engagement than those who receive no messages at all, while a triple-digit boost in engagement can be achieved by adding even one other channel. With the proliferation of digital platforms and touchpoints, it’s become increasingly difficult to break through the noise and reach customers. Email should be used when it is most effective, and understanding that requires agility and experimentation across channels. The shift to emerging technology solutions that support sophisticated email strategies and provide cohesive, cross-channel value to consumers is becoming table stakes in the holistic customer experience and Braze continues to evolve to provide the most effective solutions.

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“The next generation of email is now upon us. Early email programs are still sent in bulk, impersonal, and considered successful by merely driving more eyeballs to the top of a funnel. Next-generation email is integrated throughout the customer lifecycle, wielded like a specialized tool rather than a blunt object,” said Bill Magnuson, CEO & Cofounder at Braze. “Email can now understand the product journey and brand discovery process, using data and sophisticated strategy to be deployed when it’s most effective and most appropriate.”

The channel-agnostic solution offered by Braze enables global campaign reach with options for message frequency and delivery prioritization. The agility of the platform allows for experimentation with advanced email campaigns and engagement strategies through an established partner ecosystem to help accomplish marketing goals, at scale.

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“Empowering everyone across the globe to be able to design anything and publish anywhere has been a core part of our vision since our early days. Today Canva is available in over 100 languages and is embraced by over 15 million users worldwide. Due to our broad international reach, it’s important that our approach to email marketing continues to evolve with our growth. With Braze, we’re able to deploy localized campaigns to engage with our design community in an authentic, meaningful way,” said Michelle Huang, Email and Messaging Lead, at Canva.

Braze has supported email since day one and works with email marketers at brands like Canva, iHeartRadio, Overstock, and Yelp to send billions of emails that use trillions of cross-channel data events based on customer behavior.

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