Frere Enterprises Recommends Customizing Customer/Business Interactions With Email Marketing

A business has to utilize all sorts of strategies to attract customers, returning or otherwise. A tactic that has been receiving an upswing in popularity is email mailing lists. Mailing lists are great because customers usually agree to being on them and that’s a foot in the door, so to speak. Brandon Frere, strategic business planner and CEO of Frere Enterprises, suggests utilizing email marketing for more effective, personalized interactions with customers and the betterment of a business.

Newsletters, digital coupons, survey letters, any number of things can be sent in an email and customers can give personalized feedback or find links they’re interested in clicking on. It allows customers to more readily decide on how they’re interacted with and increases the likelihood that they will do business with a company.

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“There are always certain tricks to using something effectively, which is what separates those who think they’re entrepreneurs from the real ones,” said Frere. To achieve maximum productivity from email marketing, there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind first. Don’t buy an email list and blindly send people emails that they have little to no interest in receiving. It may take time, but cultivating an email list of people who are actually interested in interacting with a business will prove to be much more beneficial.

Don’t send every mail subscriber the same generic email, either. One of the perks of sending stuff to people, specifically, is that their experience can be customized to them. Keeping in mind different categories of customers allows for better targeted marketing and fewer chances of someone unsubscribing.

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If utilizing email marketing seems overwhelming to start with, there’s plenty of email marketing businesses out there to lay out the groundwork. Email marketing, like any marketing campaign, will take some planning and efforts before it’s at its most effective, but the benefits of such targeted marketing are well worth it. “Strategic business planning means using all the available resources for the betterment of the company in the most effective ways possible. Email marketing allows for showing a customer information and potential deals from a business, with minimal effort on their part,” said Frere.

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