FreshAddress Launches Free Email List Cleaning Tool

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Free List Check Lets Marketers Scan Their Email Lists For Spamtraps & Other Deliverability Threats

FreshAddress, Inc. the leader in email marketing database services, announces the release of Free List Check, a health scan for your email addresses.

Free List Check is a new email hygiene tool that lets marketers quickly assess the health of their email lists. Marketers can use it to check their email lists for problems that ruin their email marketing ROI.

The process is fast, easy, free, and 100% secure. No costs, no obligation, no credit card required, and no risk. Input an email list and within minutes, Free List Check will notify you if it contains any warning signs of:

  • Spamtraps; Even one spamtrap hit can hurt your sender reputation and reduce inbox placement dramatically. Free List Check inspects your list for any appearance of known spamtraps by leveraging our constantly expanding knowledgebase of trap providers as well as our monitoring of over 100MM retired email accounts.
  • Forced-sign-ups: Confirming that list members truly wanted to opt-in is also an effective way to protect your email campaigns from complaints. Free List Check looks for the frequency of addresses associated with reluctant registrations, including temporary/disposable accounts, bogus entries, etc., to determine the likelihood of complaints due to bogus/unwanted signups.
  • Invalid email addresses: High bounce rates put your email campaigns at risk, and attempting delivery on invalid email addresses is a waste of system resources. Free List Check identifies undeliverable addresses, problematic domains, and syntax errors, leveraging our vast co-op database of recent email sends supplemented by real-time account checks.
Austin Bliss
Austin Bliss

“Proper email list hygiene can make or break any company.  Free List Check is a powerful first step towards ensuring that your email lists are problem-free and safe to send,” said Austin Bliss, FreshAddress President.  “As the leader in the email list hygiene space, we’re excited to share our email address expertise for free with email marketers worldwide.”

Problematic and bouncing email addresses wreak havoc on your email marketing ROI. How many of them are on your email list? Scan your list now with Free List Check and uncover these problems before it’s too late.

FreshAddress, Inc. is an email marketing intelligence company that helps businesses clean, correct, grow, and leverage their email lists for maximum return on their investments and relationships. Offerings include our industry-leading, patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) service, SafeToSend Email Validation, and a full suite of appending services.

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