SteelHouse Releases Technology that Disrupts Manual Media Buying

Auto-Resizing Creative and Real Time, Cross-Channel Optimization Solves Big Problems for Big Brands

Following the recent release of Connected TV (CTV) advertising, SteelHouse, a leading advertising software company, has added significant innovations to its automated advertising platform. New features include automatic ad resizing to more than thirty sizes in multiple formats ready to launch through six channels.
The SteelHouse Advertising Suite offers marketers a single source for branding, prospecting, and retargeting, all with the transparency that brands have come to expect. Its technology is able to purchase media, scale creative, and optimize performance efficiently — alleviating the need to manually perform these activities. The SteelHouse platform reflects the growing trend among progressive brands, many of which are bringing their media buying and management in-house.
SteelHouse Releases Technology that Disrupts Manual Media Buying
Marwan Soghaier

“Technology should enhance creativity. Our goal is to let advertisers and designers focus on real creative instead of the grueling, repetitive task of producing all necessary ad sizes. The number of channels will continue to grow, the latest addition being CTV, which means there’s a race to keep up with all the various formats and sizes needed to reach your audience. With ads automatically created for every channel, marketers never have to miss another advertising opportunity again,” says Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at SteelHouse.

SteelHouse Releases AI Technology that Disrupts Manual Media Buying
Mark Douglas

SteelHouse CEO, Mark Douglas, added, “With the SteelHouse platform, marketers use the Ad Builder to create an ad either from scratch or by customizing one of the hundreds of professionally-designed templates, adding elements like video, images, text, and animation. The SteelHouse technology handles the rest—automatically creating ads for every channel.”Technology is clearly taking on complex, human tasks that most people couldn’t imagine would ever be done by computers. Advertising is an $80 billion industry, and media buying is that next frontier. If computers can drive cars, they can buy advertising.”

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