SteelHouse Advertising Suite Now Targets Connected TV Audience for Omnichannel Brands

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Advertisers Using SteelHouse Can Now Easily Reach Rapidly Growing CTV Audiences From the Same Platform as Digital Retargeting, Branding, and Prospecting Campaigns

Leading AI-powered advertising suite provider, SteelHouse has announced that it is expanding its advertising capabilities to address the rapidly growing Connected TV (CTV) audience. According to a recent report, the Connected TV audience is predicted to reach over 195 million US viewers this year, or more than 60% of the US.

New Addition to SteelHouse Advertising Suite Makes Omnichannel Advertising Easier

Mark Douglas, CEO at SteelHouse
Mark Douglas, CEO at SteelHouse

At the time of this announcement, Mark Douglas, president and CEO of SteelHouse, said, “Advertisers don’t understand the scale of this change or they think we’re talking about the future. We’re not. It’s already here and every month more than 400,000 people disconnect their cable in favor of Connected TV—that’s an audience the same size as the population of Miami being added every month. And, with this addition to the SteelHouse offering, it’s never been easier for brands to execute and measure their omnichannel advertising, which can now include television.”

Connected TV within the SteelHouse Advertising Suite allows viewers to stream from premium content creators including all major TV networks, as well as many cable and digital content creators like Bravo, Twitch, or Crackle. The ad-supported programming is viewed through apps for smart TVs, desktop, mobile, or over-the-top (OTT) devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, as well as many gaming consoles. This allows cord cutters and streamers to replace or supplement their traditional cable bundle.

The Rise of Ad-Supported Connected TV: An Enviable Proposition for Brands

In an earlier chat with us at the MarTech Interview Series, SteelHouse CMO, David Simon, had said, “Marketers should also be able to focus on what they do best: marketing. You don’t have to know how your iPhone works to use it, so why do marketers need to know all the formats and features that fill their day? They shouldn’t have to be technicians, needing to solve all tech specs associated with video ads. SteelHouse is part of that change. Some platforms require video ads in very specific file formats and our system takes care of all that.”

The time spent watching traditional television has been on the decline since 2011 across all age groups, not just teens and millennials (down 45% and 32% respectively). Generation X has seen a 15.8% decline over a five-year period. This decline across all age groups is accelerating, while time with digital video devices is up 460% in that same time period. In fact, 47% of adults 22 to 45 years old are watching absolutely no content on traditional TV platforms, according to a 2017 Ad Age study.

The rise of ad-supported Connected TV presents a real opportunity for brands, as it provides the impact of television with all the benefits of a digital medium. It’s more targeted, measurable, and affordable than traditional broadcast or cable because it eliminates the inefficiency of broadcast TV.

Plus, CTV ads actually get watched. Rather than bouncing around, viewers who watch TV on OTT platforms complete 98% of the video ads they’re served.

Currently, The SteelHouse Advertising Suite provides marketers with everything they need to build their own ads then launch retargeting and prospecting campaigns through the display, mobile, native, and social media. The cutting-edge advertising suite gives advertisers total transparency and complete control over their campaigns – all with the fastest go-live in the industry. SteelHouse has more than 700 customers including brands like Virgin America, TUMI, Staples, Beachbody, and others.

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