Kickbox Launches New Email Deliverability Suite, Ready for Market

Leading email verification company expands platform to include new email deliverability solutions to transform how organizations manage, monitor & solve inbox placement issues

Kickbox, the market leader in email verification, announced the introduction of a comprehensive Email Deliverability Suite equipped to easily identify, prevent, and solve inbox placement issues.

The Kickbox Deliverability Suite has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of small to large organizations in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Integrations allow organizations to connect email service providers and sending platforms to one dashboard for a holistic view of their entire email ecosystem to monitor overall email health, sender reputation, and important deliverability metrics. The Kickbox Deliverability Suite was built to simplify deliverability for organizations, enabling them to make critical business decisions and identify deliverability issues in real-time.

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“We are proud to introduce the Kickbox Deliverability Suite, which provides a cost-efficient, modern solution to a relatively old-school industry. Our solution encompasses all of the tools email marketers need to monitor all aspects of their email program and understand how to improve their inbox placement, without having to rely on extensive training or help from a deliverability professional,” said Lauren Meyer, VP of Industry Relations & Compliance at Kickbox.

The Kickbox Deliverability Suite consists of 6 unique product offerings, including:

  • Spam Testing – ensure messages land in the inbox before sending
  • Email Design Previews – see how messages render across all major email clients
  • Reputation Monitoring – monitor sending reputation across email ecosystems
  • Real-Time Alerts – receive notifications when deliverability issues are detected
  • Engagement Analytics – analyze & monitor message events across multiple ESPs
  • DMARC Reporting – detect bad senders with DMARC authentication reports

The launch of these products catapults Kickbox beyond email verification.

“Several acquisitions have happened in the deliverability monitoring space over the past year and a half, leaving the market primed for an alternative they could trust,” said Meyer. “When Kickbox approached me in January to help them continue development on a reputation management product that is intuitive and makes deliverability accessible to all email senders, not just those who are already email experts, I jumped at the opportunity.”

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The new suite is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that offers organizations visibility into deliverability data often hidden or hard to obtain, such as insights into authentication and block listing issues, transforming how businesses manage deliverability.

Kickbox will continue to offer email verification in addition to the added deliverability solutions. The new Kickbox Deliverability Suite is available now with flexible pricing and packaging options.

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