Seclore and Clearswift Partner to Combine the Best-of-Breed Email Security, Encryption, and Rights Management for Enterprises

Seclore’s Email Encryption Plus Enables Clearswift Customers to Automatically Add Persistent, Granular Usage Controls to Email Content and Attachments

Seclore, provider of the industry’s first, open Data-Centric Security Platform, and Clearswift, provider of adaptive data loss prevention and email security solutions, announced their partnership to bring next-generation email encryption solutions to enterprises.

As email remains the primary communication channel for sharing information, organizations must have control over who accesses and shares sensitive data. Often referred to as the “last-mile” problem, the challenge is heightened by growing privacy regulations. Granular and automated security of emails sent within and outside the enterprise continues to be a challenge.

With the addition of Seclore Email Encryption Plus, Clearswift customers can automatically attach persistent, granular usage controls to protect email content and attachments flowing in and out of the business, ensuring sensitive information remains under the organization’s control no matter where it is sent. The automated nature of the solution eliminates the need for end-users to take action to protect emails as the action is based on the content and policy. For email recipients, the innovative browser-based solution eliminates the need to download and install agents in order to access the information.

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“In addition to growing data privacy requirements, the risk of data breaches and leaks is a major concern to organizations. After considering several data-centric security offerings, we chose Seclore due to its frictionless experience, ease of integration, and regulatory compliance reporting,” said Dr. Guy Bunker, CTO, Clearswift. “We are committed to offering Clearswift customers the most secure solution for sharing sensitive information through email and look forward to working with Seclore to keep our customers’ information protected, revocable, and trackable, regardless of where it travels.”

“Data security and privacy continue to be a top concern for any business, and we are excited to partner with Clearswift to deliver next-generation email encryption for current and future Clearswift customers worldwide,” said Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore. “With the seamless integration of Seclore Email Encryption Plus, businesses can rest assured that outgoing, as well as incoming information shared through email, can only be utilized by approved users.”

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Benefits of the combined Seclore Email Encryption Plus and Clearswift Solutions, include:

  • Combining best-of-breed technologies Innovative threat protection, data loss prevention, and rights management available as one integrated solution will enable enterprises to get best-of-breed technologies under one umbrella.
  • Persistent, granular usage controls – Enables enterprises to control WHO (people, groups) can access emails and attachments, WHAT (view, edit, print, cut/paste) each person can do, WHEN (dates, timespan) and from WHERE (devices, networks).
  • Remote usage control  Access to the email and attachments can be modified or revoked by the sender even after the email has been sent and is no longer within the organization.
  • Ease of use – The ability to automatically protect an email based on business policy ensures confidential information is always safeguarded from accidental or malicious activities. Recipients can access protected files from any device and any browser, making it easy for any recipient to engage in secure collaboration.
  • Ability to protect incoming emails Organizations that receive sensitive information from customers and business partners can automatically protect the incoming email and attachments, ensuring they keep shared information secure.
  • Usage tracking for compliance – Organizations can track and report on all activities performed on an email and attachments to facilitate compliance with data privacy regulations, including unauthorized attempts to open the email or attachments.

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