Xverify Announces New Integration With Formstack

Real-Time Email Verification Tool Teams up with Popular Online Form Builder to Make On-The-Form Validation Even Easier

Intelligent email verification tool Xverify announced that it now integrates with Formstack, a versatile online form solution that streamlines processes for capturing and managing information. The integration is aimed at helping businesses and organizations improve email deliverability.

Undesirable emails, such as simple typos, intentional fake accounts and spambots, can easily get funneled into a business’s database when it does not have the appropriate security in place. Hazardous data can slip between the cracks, leading to hard bounces and harming the business’s sending reputation.

On average, invalid email addresses make up approximately 15 percent of a company’s email list, but that percentage increases when working with data brokers or buying from risky sources of traffic. Ideally, a sender’s goal is to attain a hard bounce rate below 2 percent.

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“Now that Xverify’s integration with Formstack is live, people will be able to easily secure the email fields on their forms,” stated Matt Wolosz, Xverify VP of Sales. “Our service is dedicated to providing results that eliminate hard bounces and minimize the risk of fraud.”

Prior to the integration, mutual customers of Xverify and Formstack were not able to validate email data directly on the form. Instead, they were validating their leads via batch upload after point of collection, causing delays in campaign deployment.

The recent integration now simplifies the process and takes the manual work off the customer. This provides peace of mind that new leads have been vetted and won’t create problems further down the funnel.

“Partnering with Xverify helps Formstack provide a valuable fraud protection service to customers,” said Ashley Walsh, VP of Marketing at Formstack. “Adding real-time email validation to Formstack forms prevents invalid emails from cluttering the database and creating wasted marketing campaigns.”

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