Altair VR Establishes a New Partnership With Softmachine

Altair VR Establishes a New Partnership With Softmachine

Virtual Encyclopedia, the global blockchain-based VR-platform built by AltairVR, has recently established a new partnership with Softmachine.

Softmachine is an animation studio from Germany. They produce content for digital cinemas, planetariums, science centers, entertainment parks and are now transferring their expertise to the production of VR experiences.

According to the original design, Virtual Encyclopedia will be managed by the community, with AltairVR’s team acting as a coordinator. All content on the platform will be created by the users themselves.

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The creation of content will take place in several steps.

First of all, the concept needs to be formed. There are no limitations here – every user can offer whatever topic they are interested in.

Then the offered ideas will be evaluated by the community, with the best ones getting sponsored by the fund of the platform. Also, the users who provide better content can achieve a growth in their rating, which will allow them to receive more requests from the community in the future.

After the idea gets approved, the scenario goes to the production department that includes VR specialists and developers. AltairVR has partnered with several studios to help develop content for the platform, and now that list also includes Softmachine.

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And finally, once the production phase is over, the freshly made VR-experience becomes available for the platform’s users.

AltairVR is a company that works in the field of additional education. Initially, they were engaged in the distribution of mobile planetariums and over the course of 7 years have built a large network of mobile planetariums in Russia and the CIS. Wishing to improve the quality of their planetariums as well as make them globally accessible, the company turned to VR and blockchain. This marked the beginning of the idea of creating a global virtual encyclopedia, a VR platform that would allow a person to get acquainted with the world around us in all aspects and forms from any point on Earth.

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