Knotch Announces Launch of Pros & Content Community

Knotch, the leading Content Intelligence Platform, announced their official launch date of the Pros & Content Community, the world’s first community built by and for content leaders, set to launch December 9th at a virtual event, Pros & Content Live. Soft-launched in September, the community currently represents content leaders from over 100 brands.

This thoughtfully curated community was formed from a series of Zoom roundtables toward the beginning of the pandemic. In these roundtables, Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-Founder at Knotch, and John von Brachel, Senior Vice President of Content Marketing at Bank of America, brought together heads of content from Fortune 500 brands to work together to solve shared challenges and share best practices.

“Once Zoom fatigue set in, I started avoiding virtual meetups like, you know, the plague. But this community Knotch brought together is so valuable to my work that I make the time for it,” said founding member Stephanie Losee, Global Head of Content, ABM at Autodesk. “We’ve transitioned from coaching each other through Covid to coaching each other to greater innovation and effectiveness in our content roles, and I can’t recommend the community highly enough.”

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After countless conversations, Gansca repeatedly heard the need for three things: real-time learnings, faster collaboration, and connection with peers in the industry.

“The goal is simple—to empower content leaders through connection,” said Gansca. “I knew from the beginning that I wanted this community to not be from me or even from Knotch, but to be by and for the people. This is why we established founders, who work as content leaders at top brands across industries, such as financial services, software, retail, and more.”

The always-on version of this community is hosted on Slack, where a majority of the conversations take place. The most active channel is the #ask-a-pro channel where members ask each other for advice on a variety of topics from preparing a presentation for a new CMO to how to best map content to business outcomes. Other popular channels include #careers (for sharing job opportunities and career advice), #inspiring-content (for celebrating great content members create themselves or find) and #news (for the latest industry news).

“What started out as a bi-weekly chat has now become a vibrant online resource for content professionals,” said von Brachel, a key founding member of this community. “The Slack channels like ‘Ask-a-Pro’ and the great questions and responses in them reflect the really high level of engagement and participation we are seeing in this community.”

The Knotch team runs the community and surfaces key insights from Knotch’s Content Intelligence Platform for its members to foster data-driven conversations.

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“One of the most exciting things about the community so far has been seeing how people who otherwise wouldn’t have met are able to help each other solve challenges they are having at work,” said Helen Coupe, Pros & Content’s Community Director. “In this remote world, where your colleagues are not sitting next to you anymore to bounce ideas off of, it’s rewarding to provide an outlet for this kind of collaboration.”

Outside of Slack, members use one-on-one calls or attend virtual video meet-and-greets to connect. There is no cost to join, rather the group only asks that members come with an open mind and a passion for advocating for the role of content within their organization.

“The Pros & Content community has quickly become a valuable resource for content marketers,” said founding member Angela Matusik Head of Corporate Brand, Content & Creative at HP. “Whether it’s asking about industry trends and data or discovering new talent, it’s a wonderful place to connect with other trusted leaders.”

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