Switchboard Delivers Real-time Access to the Data that Drives Digital Revenue

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Switchboard’s Data Ops Solution Puts Insights into the Hands of Sales Team and Execs

Switchboard, the domain expert in data operations software for the largest content providers, announced that it is behind Meredith Corporation’s real-time, interactive revenue reporting suite. Switchboard’s patented, enterprise SaaS solution aggregates and normalizes revenue insights across Meredith’s entire business – a digital ecosystem spanning over 40 properties – without a major in-house investment in engineering or technology.

Switchboard enables Meredith to:

  • Integrate hundreds of raw data ingestions within a matter of weeks (90% of these data sources were integrated in less than 48 hours);
  • Aggregate and normalize the data feeds of more than 40 individual brands;
  • Merge Time Inc. data, which nearly doubled data volume, into Meredith’s platform, with “the flip of a switch;”
  • Drill down into the performance of individual monetization partners, direct versus programmatic advertising, slicing real-time by geography, advertiser and ad unit;
  • Lay down a long-term foundation to accelerate complex data science projects (saving an estimated six months of development and data preparation – approximately 5,000 engineering hours – per project).

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Previously, Meredith had partnered with other leading technology companies to automate existing manual processes and scale data insights, however they were not able to manage Meredith’s massive scale and operational complexity. In 2017, Switchboard was selected to handle data operations for Meredith’s digital revenue streams because of its unique expertise with media data at scale, and Google-bred data automation expertise.

“Meredith is redefining what it means to be a media company, and by working with Switchboard, we’re finally able to have a single, real-time and actionable view of revenue and yield across all of our brands,” said Matt Minoff, Chief Digital Officer for Meredith. “Switchboard’s solution is turnkey and flexible. It allows us to harness our scale and drive content monetization while keeping personnel overhead low.”

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“Powered by our platform, Meredith’s business teams are able to proactively use granular data to drive revenue, without the burden of custom development of complex IT,” said Ju-kay Kwek, co-founder and CEO of Switchboard. “Many media companies struggle to go beyond manual reporting due to complexity. By unifying disparate data streams and removing the friction of managing and governing large volumes of critical data, Switchboard is playing a pivotal role in bringing Meredith’s data vision to fruition.”

Since deploying Switchboard’s data ops solution, Meredith has simplified and accelerated the most complex and error-prone parts of its data analysis lifecycle. Meredith currently ingests over half a terabyte of new data (over a billion rows) per day,  to drive additional digital revenue.

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