FatTail Launches Premium Supply Platform to Connect Publishers and Programmatic Buyers to the $275 Billion “Direct Advertising Market”

New Marketplace Offers Programmatic Access to Exclusive, Guaranteed Inventory from Leading Publishers and Media Companies

FatTail, an enterprise technology company powering premium advertising supply for the world’s leading publishers, today announced the launch of AdBook Premium Supply Platform (AdBookPSP), an innovative offering designed to power a new independent marketplace for deal-based programmatic transactions. The addition of AdBookPSP to FatTail’s portfolio makes AdBook+ the only unified direct and programmatic supply platform addressing the $275 billion deal-based digital advertising market.

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AdBook+ features two modules designed to give publishers total control of media planning, sales, and revenue: AdBookOMS for revenue management and now AdBookPSP to give premium publishers a personal supply platform with direct control and total ownership.

AdBookPSP is designed to “future proof” programmatic advertising for both buyers and sellers as market interest expands beyond RTB-based open market trades, to prioritized transactions, quantity and price guarantees, custom targeting and other conditions that mimic direct sales relationships. As unique ID solutions increasingly come under regulatory and consumer pressure, AdBookPSP offers an alternative approach to inventory and price discovery and supply path optimization.

“Guaranteed pricing and ad placement has long benefited both sides of the premium advertising market,” said Doug Huntington, FatTail CEO. “Executing direct deals through programmatic pipes combines the best of both worlds. Our clients want to help DSPs access their premium, “top of the funnel” inventory directly to enable frictionless and transparent forward market transactions between trusted partners. We’ve built a solution to do just that.”

For premium publishers, AdBookPSP offers a means to programmatically distribute differentiated inventory at non-commoditized pricing to high quality advertisers. It also provides an incremental revenue opportunity from DSPs in the form of private marketplace, preferred, and programmatic guaranteed deal types.

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“We were excited to work with FatTail to implement AdBookPSP in our tech stack and see our first direct deal get executed through it,” said Michael Weaver, COO of Managed Services provider iSOCRATES, on behalf of B2C digital publisher AstrologyZone. “Being able to complement our open market strategy with programmatic direct opens up a whole new revenue opportunity for us.”

For programmatic buyers, AdBookPSP offers unique access to the approximately 80% portion of premium inventory that had previously been unavailable to them through the open market. AdBookPSP creates a direct supply path to quality inventory and enables execution of guaranteed and other high priority deals that are treated comparably to traditional direct deals.

Richard Lowden, CEO of demand side platform RTBiQ, an AdBookPSP demand partner said, “We are excited about connecting to AdBookPSP. It shortens the supply path for our advertisers, allows them to book guaranteed deals with high priority and activate campaigns programmatically on inventory that has typically been available only through direct sales channels. Furthermore, the unique, direct connection to the publisher’s ‘ad system of record’ helps us protect business as it relates to privacy and the death of third-party cookie tracking.”

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