Hyperlocology And Brickwork Team Up To Enable National Brands To Launch Local Retail Digital Advertising At Scale

While 86% of retail is done in brick and mortar locations, the majority of shoppers begin their journey online. Retailers have to bridge the gap between digital and in-store experiences by enhancing online-to-store conversion funnels. Hyperlocology has partnered with Brickwork powered by DevHub to solve this challenge.

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The Problem
DMAs host thousands of communities with specific customers. When advertising to a DMA, marketing is determined by the largest population centers. Retail brands that rely on DMA data are leaving many locations behind – impacting sales and creating unnecessary tension with locations that contribute to an ad fund expecting results..

Local Digital Advertising at Scale
Hyperlocology creates and executes retail digital marketing campaigns, with hundreds or thousands of locations with distinct budgets, messaging, targeting, and reporting in a central place.

“For local retail owners who want to invest in their own local advertising, Hyperlocology offers a brand-safe and sophisticated solution that centrally manages advertising and keeps the brand team in control. Local owners are empowered to select pre-set creative options and budgets that meet their business priorities,” says Michael Morris, co-founder of Hyperlocology.

It’s crucial that marketers adapt to this new competitive digital landscape, bringing their brand in front of customers online and into engaging store experiences. Hyperlocology empowers each location individually, Brickwork then takes brands one step further by activating those online data points into in-store customers.

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Bridging the gap
Brickwork optimizes the digital presence of retail stores and enables retailers and brands to drive qualified online traffic to unique in-store experiences via geo-location features, online appointment booking, event RSVP, and local marketing, including:

  • Store Pages and Locator: Branded, immersive store pages, optimized for search.
  • Services and appointments: Appointment management solution, delivers customers into local stores.
  • Events:Publish and managedigital marketing for offline events.
  • Widgets:Engage customers on e-commerce and your digital storefront.
  • Associates: Let your customers get to know your associates online.

Hyperlocology and Brickwork Powered by DevHub can accelerate online to in-person local traffic and conversions like never before.

Hyperlocology is the first multi-location marketing platform that solves the pain of managing digital advertising, for hundreds or thousands of brand locations. Our software empowers brands to centrally manage digital advertising, tailored for each location, with the transparency required to drive results in every market.

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