Momentum Commerce Partners with Perpetua as its Primary Adtech Partner and Drives a 6X Increase in Share of Voice with Granular Targeting and Flexible Strategies.

Momentum Commerce, a technology-enabled ad management and creative services agency for large brands across the most competitive marketplaces, has selected Perpetua[link] as its primary advertising technology partner. Perpetua is a global leader in eCommerce advertising and intelligence software for brands sellers and agencies to accelerate growth across retail media.

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Momentum Commerce selected Perpetua as its primary adtech partner to automate and optimize bidding and produce insightful analysis for their growing roster of clients. As a data-driven company, it was crucial for Momentum Commerce to find a partner that could offer them both the flexibility and control required to execute their unique single ASIN-per goal ad structure, as well help manage the complexity of this structure efficiently.

“Perpetua is very partner oriented. They really work to establish trust, and build a bond with us,” says John Shea, CEO and Founder of Momentum Commerce. “From our dedicated Data Strategist who collaborates with our team and is with us every step of the way, listening to and actioning our feedback on the platform, to the speed of their product development and investment in data science, our team has the confidence that in partnering with Perpetua we’re able to extract better performance for our clients.”

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Momentum Commerce’s best practice for building out campaigns is to get as granular as possible while maintaining the ability to manage at scale. Leveraging the flexibility of Perpetua’s platform, Momentum Commerce has been able to dive into more granular consumer behavior, and target how a shopper is searching at a subcategory level across Amazon. The result for clients – Momentum Commerce drove a 6x increase in Share of Voice (how often a brand is seen in comparison to its competitors), a 45% growth in total sales and reduced ACOS by 12%.

“There is no one size fits all strategy for eCommerce advertising and we strive to give unfair advantages to our agency customers not only in the way they drive results for their clients but in the expertise they demonstrate as well,” says Adam Epstein, Co-President at Perpetua. “While many advertisers can agree on widely used best practices, savvy advertisers and agencies have unique preferences on how to execute those strategies to obtain the outcome they are hoping to achieve. It is our goal to empower our agency customers, like the team at Momentum Commerce, with insights by creating transparent and easily digestible feedback loops between actions in our product and predictable outcomes.”

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