The Human Collective Grows More than 5x Since April Launch

HUMAN announces Founding class, bringing together more than 20 industry leading companies across the advertising supply chain for stronger collective protection against bot attacks and fraud

HUMAN Security, Inc.—the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud—today announced its full Founding Class for the recently-launched Human Collective™, rounding out Flagship Members Omnicom Media Group, The Trade Desk, Magnite and Amica Mutual Insurance: Beachfront; Butler/Till; Ericsson Emodo; GumGum; Index Exchange; InMobi; Kargo;; MediaMath; Rise; Sharethrough; Smart AdServer; Sonobi; Sovrn; SXM Media; TripleLift; Xandr Monetize; Yieldmo; and You & Mr Jones. The Founding Member launch officially marks an inflection point for the Human Collective™ as the program continues to scale while demonstrating the eagerness of HUMAN clients and partners to collaborate to protect the digital ecosystem by keeping advertising human.

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“Fraud is a constantly evolving concern within the advertising industry, and having the capabilities to combat bot attacks and fraud across the digital supply chain is vital”

Losses caused by ad fraud are expected to continue costing the industry billions of dollars each year, and sophisticated bot attacks enabled by cybercriminals pose a significantly increasing threat to the entire ecosystem. By committing to HUMAN’s principle of a collectively protected ecosystem, members of the Human Collective™ work together to gain greater visibility into the behavior and tactics of cybercriminals, bolstering protection capabilities against fraud for their own organizations and the industry as a whole.

“Our Founding and Flagship Members represent a diverse group of organizations that are committed to stopping fraud–working together to ensure a safer ecosystem for digital advertisers, the agency and brands community, technology partners, and publishers whose content powers the environment,” said HUMAN Co-Founder and CEO Tamer Hassan. “This group of initial members is playing an integral role in the foundation, development and overall shaping of the Human Collective™, and it’s just the beginning.”

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Fraud continues to be a substantial threat to the digital advertising ecosystem and online interactions, with new and evolving formats, such as Connected TV (CTV), providing access points for bad actors. As buyers increasingly move their marketing budgets to these digital formats, fraudsters are incentivized to follow the money, investing time and resources to devise new ways to scam and exploit.

“It’s no secret that viewership and ad spend continue to skyrocket in Connected TV environments, and so it is critical that our industry is constantly collaborating to drive greater integrity, quality, and transparency throughout the supply chain,” noted Tom St. John, Head of Partnerships at Beachfront, the convergent TV advertising platform. “We’re thrilled to expand our first-to-market CTV partnership with HUMAN and eager to collaborate with Collective members to continue mitigating and eliminating the impacts of fraud in advertising.”

“Fraud is a constantly evolving concern within the advertising industry, and having the capabilities to combat bot attacks and fraud across the digital supply chain is vital,” added Justin Adler-Swanberg, Director of Marketplace Quality at MediaMath. “Together with the Human Collective™, we’ll be able to strengthen protection around the numerous access points of the digital media ecosystem and create a secure, accountable, addressable, and aligned environment for advertisers.”

As one of the recent Founding Members to join the cohort, Ericsson Emodo Chief Operating Officer Damian McKenna explained, “At Emodo, our foremost goal is to improve the quality of advertising across the programmatic ecosystem, from supply-side to demand-side. Through this collaborative effort, we’re raising the stakes on ad fraud. On top of our predictive models, HUMAN offers an additional guarantee to our partners that the inventory we provide is high-quality, verified, and devoid of bad actors.”

Fighting fraud is a collaborative effort. Through HUMAN’s ability to verify the humanity of more than 10 trillion interactions per week and to see two billion devices a month, we have a unique opportunity to collaborate as an industry to take down cybercriminal organizations like Methbot and most recently with PARETO. When we work together, our defense is unstoppable. It’s how we win against the bad actors. This group of organizations was hand-picked to enhance and embolden the foundation provided by the Flagship class. HUMAN looks forward to continued expansion as it begins to welcome new Contributing Members.

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