Advisor Websites’ Inaugural State of the Industry Report Analyzes Successful Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

Survey of nearly 500 advisors reveals that personalization, automation and tailored content drive digital marketing engagement

Advisor Websites, a provider of personalized websites and targeted digital marketing solutions for financial advisors, announced availability of its State of the Industry Report, “Fueling Growth. Powering Personalization. How Financial Advisors Can Supercharge Growth Through Personalized Marketing in a Digital Era.” Available for free download, the new report explores how financial advisors can better leverage digital marketing to drive leads and conversions.

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“In today’s digital era, cutting through the clutter and standing out against competitors isn’t always easy, but it is critical. It requires knowing your audience and tailoring content to address their unique needs”

With 70 percent of consumers indicating that a website was the most influential channel in making a purchase decision, it is undeniable a personalized digital presence is critical for financial advisors’ long-term success. Additionally, more people are turning online for financial advice, with 80% of prospects conducting their own research online before choosing a financial advisor. This means an advisor’s website is likely the first impression they will make on prospective clients, making it critical to strengthen their online presence and embrace the shift to personalized digital experiences.

In its inaugural report, Advisor Websites analyzes how successful financial advisors are enhancing their digital marketing efforts through five critical strategies, including:

  • Identifying unique customer characteristics and formally documenting their focused target market;
  • Strategically building personalized websites that speak directly to their target market through design, content and messaging;
  • Creating personalized, relevant content that addresses specific client needs, whether by industry, profession, geography, education, behavior or other attributes;
  • Leveraging social media to build trust, humanize their brand, and drive more traffic and conversions to their websites; and
  • Using marketing automation tools combined with personalized content to boost results with less money and time invested than ever before.

The new report further outlines actionable steps financial advisors can take to ensure each of these strategies are successfully executed, such as five key considerations when identifying target audiences, three best practices to maximizing the ROI on content, four ways to create personalized digital experiences through social media, and more.

Also included are real-world examples and success stories. Plus, executives from leading FinTech organizations like Snappy Kraken, Asset-Map, C-Suite Social Media, FA Client Machine, FiComm Partners and York Public Relations weigh in on how personalization is driving growth for organizations.

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“In today’s digital era, cutting through the clutter and standing out against competitors isn’t always easy, but it is critical. It requires knowing your audience and tailoring content to address their unique needs,” said Graham Turner, CEO of Advisor Websites. “In fact, more than half of companies that incorporate personalization into their content and websites report a lift of 10 percent or greater across their marketing goals, resulting in both improved conversion rates and customer engagement. But where do you begin?”

Turner continued, “Our latest report not only offers insights into why personalization is key, but it provides key steps for creating and executing a successful strategy. With proven marketing approaches and in-depth research, this report equips financial advisors with the tools and resources they need to better target the right audience, thereby building trust and ultimately increasing their bottom line. Advisors can then focus more intently on delivering exceptional service to their customers.”

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