Eagle Eye powers Asda’s Loyalty Programme Trial

Eagle Eye, the global marketing technology company, is pleased to announce that it is working with Asda to develop a trial of the grocery retailer’s new loyalty programme, Asda Rewards. Following a successful trial with Asda employees in September 2021, the programme has been extended to 16 Asda stores across West Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

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Asda Rewards is designed to provide customers with the best value when shopping and rewards them with money for buying the products they love. Customers using the Asda Rewards app can build up a ‘cash pot’ each time they purchase a ‘star product’ or complete an in-app ‘mission’ when shopping in one of the 16 trial stores. Customers can also earn special rewards for purchasing selected products across a range of brands from Asda’s own label brands to Cadbury’s, Heinz, Pampers, Budweiser, Gillette and many more. Customers can redeem their cash by creating a voucher with the money they have saved in their cash pot and use this in-store.

Eagle Eye’s AIR platform powers the scheme including the offer and reward management within the app, the membership card, star products, missions and cash pot as well as the creation and redemption of vouchers through its integration with Asda’s point-of-sale systems.

As the trial develops, Asda aims to customise offers so customers can earn pounds for buying their favourite products, or rewards for buying products that are environmentally friendly.

Tim Mason, Chief Executive of Eagle Eye, said: “We are excited to be part of Asda’s loyalty programme trial and look forward to seeing the results. We have been working closely with Asda since 2014 and have seen first-hand the digital journey that they are taking customers on. Loyalty programmes such as these help retailers improve their business through data-driven insights generating personalised offers which increase customer satisfaction and improve their marketing effectiveness.”

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