Optimizing your Lead Scoring Process: A Few Quick Tips!

Lead scoring is an important marketing and sales activity and is a process that allows marketing and salespeople to assign a numerical score to a lead, based on how interested and involved the lead is in a company’s brand, product or service. This way, you can better understand which customer is valuable and which you need to work on more. Lead scoring is done to check what leads qualify to be passed from the marketing team to the sales team to pursue a sales conversation.

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Ways to optimize your lead scoring process

Lead scoring can be made simple. It depends on the accuracy you demand and the parameters you prioritize across your marketing and sales efforts. 

  • Cast the Past

Connect with your sales team and get a clear-cut vision of the past deals you have landed and the prospects. Get a better idea of their value. Look at the sales log and online activity log for a better judgment.

  • Coordination is key

Sales and marketing objectives should be well described to know exactly when to pass on leads or pass back leads. They need to be aware of each other’s purpose well enough.

  • Establish a methodology

Something that stands true for all businesses is that leads follow a certain pattern (hot, warm, cold being some famous predefined methodologies to identify these lead status’s). Using an established method to categorize the status of leads can help lay a better framework.

  • Identify intent

Certain actions speak clearly that a lead is interested in buying your product or service. You need to prioritize such behaviors above any other aspect to bring maximum credibility to the system.

Practices and tools that can provide you an upper hand in lead scoring

If you want to benefit from lead scoring, you need to keep evolving. 

  • New Product, New Model

If you provide many services or a varied number of products, it is always good to make different lead scoring systems for each of those products. This way, the system will be more targets driven.

  • Score Degradation

Score degradation involves granting negative scores to leads that might not seem genuine or interesting. It is usually done based on inactivity on the website. Score degradation further demarcates valuable and non-valuable leads.

  • Prioritize high-value activities 

Another step of huge importance is giving higher value to actions that show that a lead is more interested. For example, if someone checks your contact page or the pricing tag, you know that they are very keen on knowing more about your product, its cost and overall benefits.

  • Invest in AI Tools like Leadspace and others

Tools like Leadspace can help you create a dummy customer profile that is ideal for your business, you can set that profile as the basis of your scoring system. 

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Learning from the leaders:

1. Hubspot

Hubspot provides you with features that help you to build and nurture an interactive and creative customer experience.

Reasons for growth/Methods used

  • Uses ideal customer profile method
  • Focuses on the leads that seem to be the most vital conversion.
  • The scoring is based on attributes of previous successful and unsuccessful conversions.

2. Juan Merodio

Juan Meridio is one of Spain’s biggest digital marketing, innovation, and digital transformation and social networks experts.

Reasons for growth/Methods used

  • They use the PAIN score to represent pain point intensity and the FIT score to represent how ideal a buyer is.
  • The final score is based on both these points.
  • Then leads are further categorized for MQL or SQL activity.

3. Cyberclick

Cyberclick is another name that pops for digital marketing and optimizing online advertising campaigns.

Reasons for growth/Methods used

  • Based on two parameters: demographic profile and interaction with site and content.
  • Categorizing leads as hot, warm, and cold on the above basis.
  • Taking up a lead-specific approach.

4. Lead Pilot

Lead Pilot specializes in the financial sector marketing with an integrated and devoted lead scoring tool.

Reasons for growth/Methods used

  • Uses AI to assign scores to leads based on interaction.
  • Users can also make manual changes as necessary.
  • Simple and effective methodology.

Proper lead scoring can help your business reach new heights and bring you better and newer horizons to discover. With the methodologies, practices, and tools, you can create a cutting-edge system that will benefit your overall business.

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