Content Recommendation Platforms for Marketers: A Good Fit?

Content recommendation is a way of personalizing content to suit individual customers. It enhances the customers’ experience with the company. Content recommendation software can make suggestions of what else the company can offer. The business tactic of investing in website content recommendation engines has proven to give better results for marketing campaigns and overall sales. Surveys have proven that more than 93% of companies that equipped content recommendation engines had better revenue turnouts. 

Why do we need content recommendation?

Content recommendation aims to increase company sales and customer experience. Amazon and Netflix are two of the leading companies with premium content recommendation engines. Customers are exposed to more products and services from the company, increasing the overall sales margin and sales potential. To sum up, the benefits of equipping content recommendation include:

  • Higher sales 
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer interactions
  • Multiple Products and services exposure
  • Increased click-through rates

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Ways That Content Recommendation Engines Can Work

The functions that each content recommendation engine offers is different. Some content recommendation engines present suggestions based on manual inputs and data that the customer had disclosed to the company website. At the same time, other content recommendation engines collect data from the web and other websites.

Collaborative filtering is the method of listing the preferences and previous activities of the user and matching them with other users showcasing similar preferences. It then narrows down commonalities of similar users and products to make suggestions. There are several match algorithms for collaborative filtering in content recommendation engines, but two of the most common ones are user-user and item-item collaborative filtering. The former matches similar users, while the latter matches similar products. 

Content-based filtering is a content recommendation method that makes suggestions based on the user’s activity.

Hybrid recommendation systems incorporate both collaborative and content-based filtering methods. This approach in content recommendation engines makes more accurate quality suggestions. 

Top Content Recommendation Engines

  • Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield issued algorithms for personalization, content recommendations, targeting, optimization, and other technological services to marketing agencies and advertisers. The company was then bought by McDonald’s in 2019. Dynamic Yield has collaborated with Ikea, Croma, Shoppers Stop, Sephora, and other mainstream companies. 

  • Taboola

Taboola is a discovery and content promotion platform. They issue more than 500,000 recommendations per second for over 13000 advertisers. They create monetization opportunities. It was founded by Adam Singolda, with its formative years from 2007 to 2012. Taboola has been trusted by companies like Instapage, Keylingo, Maple, and Fiverr among others.

  • Qubit

Qubit has its headquarters in London. Its founders are ex-google employees and now serve big-shot investors like Sapphire Ventures, Accel Partners, and Goldman Sachs. They deal with content personalization, product insights, and content recommendation engines. Qubit has delivered its services to more than 300 leading brands, including Accessorize, Mac, Radisson Hotel Groups, Ubisoft, and Emirates. 

  • Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a subdivision of Adobe to deliver targeting systems, optimization processes, and all necessary insights, data, and services required to optimize customer reach. Among their list of services, they offer content recommendations and more. Adobe Target has companies like Tata Cliq, ICICI Home Finance, Cupidmedia, Hyatt, OCBC Bank, and MG Motor India as their clients.

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  • Optimizely

Optimizely delivers digital experiences, insights, data, personalization, optimizations, testing, customer-specific servicing, along content recommendation services. They serve more than 9000 businesses with input that can help with their digital marketing expertise. Some of the top companies that trust Optimizely are eBay, Dolby, and Pizza Hut.

  • Kibo

Kibo is one of the leading solutions for global personalization and content recommendation. Their personalization and content recommendation services have shown to give 3 times more return on investment. Tacobell, Wrangler, Jelly Belly, Adidas, and National Geographic are some brands that have worked with Kibo.

  • Outbrain

Outbrain is an American company based in New York. Their services include native advertising. The company links several content creators and websites, providing billions of recommendations to more than 20,000 advertisers. Outbrain has CNN, Skynews, Opera, and Hearst in their media owner client list. 

  • Evergage

Evergage is a software company that runs cloud-based marketing. They provide a range of digital solutions and marketing analytics which include content recommendation engines. Evergage has even worked with American Express and Nestle Waters.

  • Sailthru Experience Centre

Sailthru experience center is a digital marketing and analytics provider that focuses on customer retention and creating new markets. Their services include everything that digital marketing covers, from emails to website traffic. Sailthru has provided its services to Oxo, Frank and Oak, Morning Brew, Insider, and Fabletics. 

  •  Rich relevance 

Rich relevance is a content recommendation and personalization provider. They issue cloud-based personalization services from more than 14 global centers around the globe. L’Oreal, Walmart Canada, and HP are some of the top clients for rich relevance.

With content emerging as the driving force for the growth of digital marketing, the next few years are slated to be exciting for this field.

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