The Top 10 Medical Spa Marketing Strategies For 2021

realdrseattle® Provides Insight Into Their Medical Spa Marketing Secrets To Get More Leads

Medical spa marketing is a unique niche market that many marketing companies fail to properly target. realdrseattle® specializes in the medical spa marketing niche and has found proven, innovative ways to get our clients more leads. Let’s look at the top 10 medical marketing strategies to get you more leads.

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#1: Invest In Well Written Content
In the medical spa industry, patients often want to understand and research their procedures and providers before their treatment. Providing this information on your website gains authority and lets potential patients know that they can trust your medical spa with their care.

#2: Get On Social Media
The beauty and skincare industries are dominated by social media. Whether or not you currently have a social media presence, it is nearly required in today’s digital marketing space. Promote your brand, show off before and afters, run ads, and advertise specials directly on social media.

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#3: Don’t Put Your Ads Budget All In One Place (aka Google)
Spreading your ads out among online advertisers comes with several distinct advantages, such as the ability to more precisely target your audience on social media, reach more people, and grow your social media accounts. Though the most important benefit is that it saves you money and can increase return on investment.

#4: Incentivize And Monitor Reviews
Everyone gets a bad review occasionally, but if you do not monitor your reviews this one bad review can damage your SEO. Talk with patients before they leave your medical spa and offer a reward for posting a review. This can earn you good reviews and keep patients happy and coming back.

#5: Get Listed In Directories
The 21st century equivalent of phone books–online directories–are places where you can list relevant information such as your website URL, phone number, and address. This not only earns you exposure but in the case of your website URL, a backlink.

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