CLIS – ClickStream Announces WinQuik Gets Over 3,200 Daily Active Users Who Spend More than 7.5 Minutes Using the App Every Day and a 29% Day 7 Retention Rate

In total, over 335,000 Games Have Been Played on WinQuik™, and the 1 Vs. 1 Challenge Games Exceeds 174,000 Users

ClickStream Corp.,  a technology company focused on developing apps and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries announces its WinQuik™ App has over 3,200 daily active users, a 29% Day 7 retention rate, which is above average for gaming apps – typically 14%-16%. Beyond that, user’s average session time of 7.5 minutes, well above the average of 5 minutes.

“WinQuik™ app is engaging, fun and exciting. Users love the thrill of competing for real money, and our data shows once they play one game, they keep coming back for more,” said ClickStream Chief Content Officer Amber Theoharis.

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The 1 Vs. 1 Challenge Games are growing with more than 174,000 people playing, and each week more and more users are challenging friends, family and leader board leaders to win additional money.

This summer, WinQuik™ launched its fourth free-to-play game-type Daily Dozen. Every Thursday-Sunday users can try their luck at predicting what will happen that day in sporting events. If they answer all 12 true/false questions correctly, they take home the cash pot. If there are no winners on a given night, the pot rolls over to the following day. It’s the app’s first venture into freemium sports gaming.

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Pooch Hall continues to host WinQuik’s™ live show, The Big Game, every Thursday night where the largest pots are up for grabs.

WinQuik™ is a free-to-play, fast-paced daily quiz app and features 1 v. 1 trivia challenges, solo-play games, and live quizzes hosted by actor Pooch Hall. The games feature multiple pop-culture categories. Players have several different ways to win real cash and prizes daily. The app is free to download in all major app stores for both iOS and Android.

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