Just Over 4.2 Billion Robocalls in July Mark 5% Monthly Decrease, Says YouMail Robocall Index

Americans Have Been Bombarded by Over 30 Billion Robocalls Already in 2021

Americans received just over 4.2 billion robocalls in July, a 4.8% decrease in volume over June, partially reversing May’s 11% increase. In July, robocalls averaged 136.3 million calls/day and 1,578 calls/second, down nearly 8% from June’s 148 million calls/day and 1,714 calls/second.

Americans have received over 30 billion robocalls so far this year, averaging roughly 4.3 billion robocalls calls/month, and continuing on a pace to hit well over 50 billion robocalls for the year.

These latest monthly figures are provided by YouMail, a totally free robocall blocking app and call protection service for mobile phones. These figures are determined by extrapolating from the robocall traffic attempting to get through to YouMail’s millions of active users.

“We had expected a much bigger decline for the month given the Stir/Shaken rollout on June 30th, with its dramatic impact on the ability of robocallers to reach consumers with illegal, spoofed calls,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. “However, it is a positive sign that calls declined meaningfully on a daily basis, and we’ll need to watch closely to see if and when the robocallers find ways around Stir/Shaken.”

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July 2021 Saw A Big Decrease In Scam Calls

In July, the number of scam and telemarketing calls decreased by over 300 million calls in the month, or roughly 15%, likely showing the impact of Stir/Shaken. However, telemarketing calls increased by nearly 23%, or roughly 150 million additional calls, lessening the overall decline in robocalls for the month.

Type of


Estimated July


Percentage July


1.8 billion (-15%)

42% (-5%)

Alerts and Reminders

0.99 billion (-3%)

23% (flat)  

Payment Reminders

0.61 billion (-4%)

14% (flat)


0.84 billion (+23%)

20% (+5%)

Top Illegal Robocalls in July 2021

As in past months, Car Warranty calls and Health-Related scam calls continued to be the top types of robocalls. Car Warranty calls continued to lead the way with 240 million calls, though they declined roughly 12 million calls from June. The Health-Related Scam calls increased to 205 million calls, up 47 million calls from the previous month.


Type of Scam

Estimated July

Summary of Scam


Warranty Scams

240 million (-12m)

Scam payments/illegal solicitations


Health-Related Scams

205 million (+37m)

Identify theft/scam payments/illegal

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“Winners” in July 2021

In July, there were several changes in the cities and area codes registering the highest volumes of robocalls versus June. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Macon, Georgia, each posted 4% increases to become the cities with the most robocalls per person, supplanting Memphis, Tennessee, which had a 10% decrease.

Cities with the Most Robocalls:

Atlanta, GA (154.0 million, -5%)

Dallas, TX (146.2 million, -5%)

Cities with the Most Robocalls/Person:

Baton Rouge, LA (36.4/person, +4%)

Macon, GA (32.4/person, +4%)

Area Codes with the Most Robocalls:

404 in Atlanta, GA (67.6 million, -5%)

214 in Dallas, TX (55.9 million, -5%)

Area Codes with the Most Robocalls/Person:

404 in Atlanta, GA (52.5/person, -5%)

215 in Baton Rouge, LA (36.4, +4%)

State with the Most Robocalls:

Texas (482.8 million, -6%)

California (383.2 million, +1%)

State with the Most Robocalls/Person:

Tennessee (26.0/person, -5%)

South Carolina (25.8/person, -2%)

These data are provided by YouMail, a free call protection app for mobile phones.  YouMail recently won the American Business Awards’ Gold Stevie Award for Technical Innovation of the Year, and the YouMail app was named the nation’s best robocall-blocking solution in a competition organized by Geoffrey Fowler of the Washington Post.

YouMail blocks unwanted robocallers by making sure the user’s phone doesn’t ring, and then plays an out-of-service message that leads them to think they dialed an invalid number. YouMail identifies problematic numbers and robocalls using a combination of its recently patented audio fingerprinting technology, call patterns, and consumer feedback.

YouMail provides the YouMail Robocall Index to estimate robocall volume across the country and for specific area codes every month. This estimate is formed by extrapolating from the behavior of the billions of calls YouMail has handled for its users, and these statistics are regularly cited by the FCC as a definitive source for national data trends.

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