Bubblr Provides Key Patent Update

Bubblr, Inc., an ethical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of mobile-first technologies,  announced that the Company has been working on a white paper for a new search patent that may offer new patent protection, since the beginning of 2021.

Steve Morris, Chief Technology Officer of Bubblr, Inc. was pleased to make the following announcement: “This new patent is specifically designated for searching the Internet, purely for information, and it can be considered as a sister patent to the already approved patent No. 10,977,387 that is specifically concerned with searching the internet for goods and services.”

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“Importantly, this new patent mechanism is designed to work specifically on mobile devices and with an extremely user-friendly interface optimized for use on touch screen devices. Moreover, this new patent will present high-quality search results in a unique and novel way that will make it much more efficient for mobile users to access the search results quickly and efficiently they require without having to trawl through pages of search results. Finally, it is to be noted that the established UX (user experience) paradigm for online search has, up until now, never changes,” concluded Morris.

Bubblr’s Novel Design Approach

Bubblr has always prided itself on using “First Principle” design techniques to its products as a way of bringing genuine innovation into its patents and applications. This new search patent is a classic example of taking a well-established design paradigm (internet search) and re-thinking this design to exploit the new capabilities made available in the latest technologies. Plus, the Company has signed a patent contract with a specialist patent agency (Scintilla IP) who only focus on software and electronic patents.

Initial Patent Agent Assessment

Scintilla IP initial assessment was that at least five of the claims appear to be genuinely unique, and no obvious prior art has been discovered. Scintilla IP expects to complete a more detailed global search for prior art in the next few weeks. Assuming the global prior art search is successful, Scintilla IP will immediately submit the application to a regional patent office.

Bubblr believes that the combination of both of its search patents will position the Company to become a new and singular player in the current internet search markets, which in the US is currently worth over $100 billion dollars.

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